Why Choose Lift Conversions

Lift Conversions is a digital marketing agency unlike any other. Yes, we’re a Google Partner and hold all of their relevant Certifications as a staff. We’re Bing Accredited and Yelp Ads Certified, but, more than all that, we’re a creative group of solutions-oriented people willing to work closely with businesses – no matter their size – to reach the lofty goals they’ve set for themselves.

Pre-Internet Marketing: For decades, most businesses used the same marketing strategies year after year with no thought to anything other than updating their copy once a year for the phone book, for that year’s direct mailer, or, for those with the budget, print and TV ads. Basically, a business owner could spend 99% of their year focused on everything but their marketing. The phone books were delivered, the mailers had been sent, and the commercials were in rotation, so there really wasn’t much else to think about. While that may have been viable then, it’s dangerous to even consider a “Set It & Forget It” mentality today. Things just move too fast for that approach to work any longer.

The Speed of Technology: Today, technology is at the heart of all we do – no matter the field of endeavor. Even if you swing a hammer all day, there’s far more to running a business where people swing hammers than simply buying the hammers. You need to understand the modern technologies that power communication, infrastructure, and lead generation. Without at least some competency with those types of systems, you can be the best hammer swinger in the world and you’ll still never reach the people who need you. And, because the tech changes so rapidly, you’re hard-pressed to find any employee already with your business with the time to master and utilize all the systems required. So, your only choice is to hire someone internally – which comes at a premium – or find an agency that can handle all of the different technologies you’ll need to succeed; like Lift Conversions.

Marketing’s Digital Future: From what we’ve described, and your own experiences, it’s clear that today’s marketing should be handled by an agency with the expertise to devise your overall strategy from start to finish. One that can tackle any of the challenges you face day-to-day and still have the wherewithal and creativity to implement an overarching strategy tailored to your business strengths. How else are you supposed to know your ecommerce solution won’t scale under high-traffic spikes during the holidays, or that your site poses security leaks? Or, your website is slow, dated, and losing mobile traffic you need to compete? That’s why you need Lift Conversions. It’s exactly what we do every day for clients in more than 40 verticals across the US. It’s what we can do for you with a bit of time to get to know you, your business, and your objectives – both today and tomorrow. Contact Us Now | 773-419-3636

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