Lift Conversions Added Drones to the Mix

Drone Video & Photography Services

Lift Conversions has long recognized the marketing value of digital imagery. We have spent years advocating for the inclusion of high-resolution imagery in all of the web properties we work on, so when drones became available to the public for recreational and commercial use, we immediately purchased units for our own use. These assets have helped our clients achieve new levels of expression and given us the ability to shoot almost any image our clients can conceive.

What You Get When We Fly

  • Dramatic, Impactful Imagery.
  • Eye-Catching, High-Altitude Video.
  • Real “Above It All” Views of Any Structure.
  • “You Name It – We Frame It” Video/Imagery Skills.
  • Up to 12 High-Resolution Aerial Images.
  • Up to 90-Second Aerial Video.
  • Professional Editing & Mixing Capabilities.

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