Website Ownership Resolution

Website Ownership Resolution Process

At Lift Conversions, our extensive experience in providing a diverse range of digital marketing services has exposed us to various client scenarios. While we've successfully transformed digital aspirations into reality for numerous businesses, we often encounter clients whose dreams turn into nightmares due to unfavorable relationships with less-than-reputable web design companies.

In the business world, agreements typically involve clear terms, payment for services, and a mutual decision to continue or part ways when necessary. However, the realm of web design operates differently.

It's not uncommon for companies to enter into agreements or, worse, proceed without any written agreement, unaware of the potential consequences. In some cases, clients unknowingly find themselves in a situation where they're essentially renting their website, not owning it. This recurring issue has become a significant crisis that we address on a monthly basis.

One common scenario involves clients reaching out in distress because their current designer refuses to accommodate changes to their website. Shockingly, these designers hold contracts declaring the website as a rental, not owned by the client. This predicament, unfortunately, is a frequent occurrence and a major crisis that we deal with regularly.

This problem has grown beyond our initial expectations, primarily due to inexperienced web design firms attempting to build their client base through any means necessary. While the rental model may provide steady cash flow, many of these agencies fail to fully disclose crucial information to clients before securing their signature. Some even design their agreements to conceal the true deliverables, knowing that legal recourse is unattractive to disgruntled clients. This situation is akin to holding a website hostage and forcing owners to pay in installments, a practice that reputable agencies find repugnant.

Now, let's examine what's at stake in most cases:

  • Your Domain: The foundation of your online presence, your domain name, is paramount. It should unequivocally be in your name, representing your virtual “brick and mortar" with exclusive access.
  • Your Host: While the hosting company can be changed without harming your business, having access to your hosting and server is crucial. If not in your name, you lack the protections and assurances necessary for a secure online presence.

How Lift Conversions Can Help:

  • Step 1: We gather relevant information about contract terms, breach terms, ownership stipulations, and possible exit strategies. Through discussions, we identify key issues and draft initial correspondence with the design company.
  • Step 2: If direct communication fails, we use our attorney network to send a “cease and desist" letter, outlining demands for access and potential legal ramifications. If unsuccessful, we communicate our intent to report the behavior through our industry network.
  • Step 3: If still unsuccessful, we initiate the reclamation process with domain and server companies to regain control. Simultaneously, we construct a new website with archived content owned outright by the client.
  • Step 4: Lift Conversions monitors the site, mitigates review fallout, and ensures client control through a clearly explained agreement.

What Lift Conversions Delivers:

  • A Domain You Own
  • Hosting in Your Name
  • Content You Own
  • Imagery You Own
  • WordPress Template You Own
  • 100% Complete Website You Own

Our streamlined process, coupled with client empowerment, allows us to defend their rights aggressively and prevent future issues. At Lift Conversions, we prioritize educating clients to safeguard their virtual footprint, ensuring they never fall victim to data hostage situations again.

Contact us to discuss how our website ownership resolution process works!