Website Design & Management

Full Service Web design & Web Management available. We here at Lift Conversions have aligned with some of the best designers in Chicago and the world for that mater. If your design is on a shoestring budget we can help, if you are building something at scale we can help there too. Ask to see our designers work and get your web quote today!

Website Design & Management

  • Web Design: Responsive, Mobile, E-Commerce & Custom Web Design
  • Branding: Brand Identity, Graphic Design, Collateral, Commercial & Print
  • 3D Graphics: Interior & Exterior Design, Modeling & 3D Virtual Tools
  • Video & Animation: Video Production, 2D Animation & 3D Animation
  • Software Development: Cloud Software Solutions, High Load Web Applications, Mobile Apps
  • SEO & Maintenance: SEO Audits, Maintenance & Support

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Production Planning

  • Needs assessment
  • Site Map and Wire-frames
  • Proposal and Contract
  • Mock-ups Design
  • Inner Pages Design
  • Coding
  • Validation
  • Development
  • Alpha testing
  • Submission of test link
  • Launch
  • Code Submission

Client Involvement

  • Questionnaire
  • Site Map and Wire-frames Review
  • Contract Signing
  • Mock-ups Review
  • Inner Pages Review
  • Final Review (Beta Testing)
  • Launch
  • Code Submission

Project Legend

  • Research Stage
  • Development Stage
  • Deployment Stage
  • Design Stage
  • Quality Control Stage

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