Top Contributor Summit 2015

The owner of Lift Conversions Spencer Wade was recently nominated a Google Top Contributor for the Google Web Search forum.

Every day, Google Top Contributors from around the world share their product expertise with people in Google’s official communities. They do everything from sharing helpful tips to answering burning user questions. This gifted group of Top Contributors are the backbones of the Google community, so we bringing them to Google headquarters for a Top Contributor Summit to say thank you. The Top Contributor Summit is a Google hosted event designed to give Contributors from around the world a chance to learn more about our products and connect with their fellow TCs. Learn more about the Top Contributor Program.

Helping others is a passion for Spencer and he still finds time in his busy work week to get online and help others. He says the gratification of helping someone solve an issue form virtual standpoint is hard to beat, plus the added level of learning that comes with helping others. He feels this keeps him fresh in the ever changing world of technology. Being honored as one of Google 990 Top Contributors worldwide that hold the title helping millions if not billions of users every year with the full of Google products.

This was the year for the Top Contributor Summit 2015, this only happens every 2 years where all Google Top Contributors worldwide get a chance to meet in Mountain-view for a three summit filled with new product details and breakouts with existing product managers, engineers & Googlers. Below is a breakdown of the event.

2015 Top Contributor Summit


Top Contributor Summit – 2015 Day 1
Pop-Up Studies, Reception
TC Summit Vlog 2015 – Part 1

Top Contributor Summit – 2015 Day 2 – Fort Mason
The Future of the Top Contributor Program, Winning Moments that Matter, Google[x]: Inside the Moonshot Factory, Android Wear: Overview and Outlook, I’m a Google PM. AMA, Accounts and Identity Update, VR for Everyone, 360° Videos on YouTube, Google Now: The Future of Search, The Next Generation of Chromecast, Evening Festivities at Ruby Skye
TC Summit Vlog 2015 – Part 2 | TC Summit Vlog 2015 – Part 3

Top Contributor Summit – 2015 Day 3
AM/PM Product Breakouts, Closing Celebrations

Check out Paolo Amoroso’s video playlist from the event.

Googleplex and Closing Celebrations


The Top Contributor Program is a group of Google product enthusiasts who earned the distinction of Top Contributor or Rising Star by sharing their knowledge in Google Help Forums and Help on Social.



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2015 Top Contributor Summit – YouTube Video
Top Contributor & Summit 2015

Mugshot: Spencer Wade – Top Contributor Google WebSearch

*Spencer Wade Top Contributor Profile*
Top Contributors share their knowledge in Google Help Forums and Help on Social and have helped countless people get answers to their Google questions.