Research & Testing Tools

Research & Testing Tools

In every industry, tools are essential for achieving optimal results. Whether physical or code-based, their effectiveness is crucial for enhancing performance on the web. The tools featured on this page deliver actionable results that can significantly improve your outcomes. Feel free to revisit, research, test, and iterate as often as needed to ensure continuous success.

Website Testing

These tools are specifically tailored to address various aspects of your website, including its performance and design structure. Taking the time to explore them will unveil valuable insights related to your specific concerns. If you encounter any challenges, our team is readily available through a phone call or email to provide assistance. Feel free to reach out for support whenever needed.

Page Speed | Mobile Friendly

Rich Snippets Test

Enhance the precision of search engine results and offer more impactful information to your website visitors through rich snippets. These additions include expanded image space and a carousel feature in your organic results. Evaluate your site's capability to deliver this crucial presentation using Google's latest rich snippet testing tool. It's quick, user-friendly, and, most importantly, free of charge!

Rich Snippets

Structured Data

This might not hold much significance for you, and that's perfectly fine. However, it's crucial for the robots that crawl your site. If your architecture lacks the appropriate structured data, it could lead to significant issues in web search results. Nobody wants that. If you're unsure about the test results, feel free to contact Lift Conversions for a detailed explanation anytime.

Structured Data

Robots Testing

Robots are automated functionalities that drive the search engines we utilize for web browsing. These functions index a site, regularly check for updates, and enable users to retrieve pages for offline viewing. This tool will assist you in determining whether your site can be appropriately indexed by these bots.


Site Indexing

IndexNow is a no-cost tool enabling you to promptly submit new or revised content to search engines such as Google and Bing. This ensures that your content is visible and indexed much more rapidly compared to waiting for the search engines' bots to crawl your site.


Sitemap Generators

A sitemap is precisely what its name implies – a map of your site. However, it's not designed for your human site visitors; rather, it's intended for the robotic engines that index your site. There's no drawback to having one, and the SEO value of incorporating a sitemap cannot be overlooked.

XML Sitemap Generator

Grow My Store

Ever wondered how your retail business compares to local competitors? Want to identify industry trends for maximizing sales? Google's “Grow Your Store" from Think with Google is the perfect tool for you. Packed with features to explore trends and benchmark your efforts against competitors, it's a valuable resource. Best of all, it's free to leverage the insights offered by Google!

Grow My Store

Web Crawling

Web crawling, or scraping, proves to be an effective method for identifying issues on various websites. These tools empower you to swiftly and efficiently traverse the web, extracting specific data in the desired format.


Web Scraping

These web scrapers will let you find what you’re after online quickly and with no need for coding and transform what you find into the specific format you require. After all, no one likes to waste time with unformatted data.


Redirect Checker

Redirects often go unnoticed, yet they play a crucial role, impacting a site's traffic daily. The reason is straightforward – redirects vary, and using incorrect ones can lead to missed opportunities. This extension serves as a valuable tool to verify the proper functioning of your redirects.

Redirect Checker

Log Analysis

Log analysis, often considered an art camouflaged as science, involves deciphering data that might appear in an alien dialect. Attempting to read a data log can be less than thrilling for many. That's precisely why we've included these tools. While dealing with computer-generated records may not be joyous, the value of data logging cannot be overlooked.


Duplicate Content

Examine any dental website, select a sentence, and input it word-for-word into Google Search. If the same wording appears in 50 results, it indicates a rented site, allowing duplicates. However, this is detrimental to you. When you stop paying the monthly fee, you lose everything except the domain name, and your page rank disappears. The tools below can help you determine if your content is original or merely a duplicate.

Siteliner | Copyscape

General Site Health

To guarantee that a website is operating optimally, consistent monitoring of its structure and data is essential. Various methods can achieve this, but the two tools listed below provide immediate access to a detailed overview of the page's elements and its discovery by search engines. These are just a couple of the available tools.

Google Search Console

Server Headers for Web Pages

Countless tools are available for virtually every imaginable task. The challenge lies in sifting through the mediocre to uncover the truly fantastic. We've attempted to curate a selection here, but if you're aware of a superb tool we may have overlooked, please inform us through our contact form, and we'll explore your suggestion. Here are some additional tools for your website.

Header Checker

Creating Content

Effective content creation is crucial for your website, catering not only to your visitors but also to Google's evolving criteria. Nowadays, Google evaluates your site's content, its length, and its capability to address user queries. This represents the new SEO standard, and every site owner should prioritize producing top-notch content across various channels. These tools are designed to support and enhance your content creation endeavors.


Creating Visual Content

The significance of visual content for websites is undeniable, irrespective of the industry. Every site owner should prioritize aligning with user preferences. This isn't just a sentiment; it's a reality. Given the remarkably short human attention spans (even shorter than that of a goldfish), it's essential to swiftly capture attention to effectively convey your message.

Canva | Adobe

Local SEO

SEO has long been associated with link building, but the landscape is evolving, especially concerning the uncertain value of links due to algorithm changes. Small to medium-sized businesses, averse to such risks, are turning to Local SEO as a safer way to enhance organic rankings. Discover tools below to boost local search visibility for any business.

Google Small Business | Bing Local | Apple Maps

Google Ads Management

As a Google Partner agency, we prioritize Google Ads and have extensively tested various tools and extensions. While we haven't found a single perfect tool, the listed ones, when used together, provide comprehensive data for setting up and managing effective Ads campaigns across different industries. Note: For Ads beginners, consulting with a reputable agency about budget and expectations is recommended to receive professional insights into your strategy.


Google Ads Scripts

While we don't extensively utilize scripts for anything beyond budgets, they can be highly beneficial when appropriately selected and applied to your accounts. If you're unfamiliar with scripts, we recommend exploring more about them by clicking on the provided link.

Getting Started

Keyword Tools

Explore the array of excellent keyword tools available to enhance your existing account efforts. These tools serve as valuable resources for discovering low-hanging fruit. Take the time to research and identify the one that aligns best with your needs—it will prove worthwhile. Additionally, many of these tools are completely free to use!


SEM Tools

Similar to the Ads-specific tool list, the SEM toolkit can be virtually endless, which is a positive aspect. The abundance of available tools ensures that you can tailor your toolkit to meet your specific needs and perform optimally. Keep in mind that new tools emerge daily, and many of them are free to use. There's no excuse not to explore and experiment with a few—doing so might save you time, budget, and frustration.

Unbounce | ROI Calculator | iSpionage | CallRail

Display Network

Harness the power of Display, an increasingly significant channel for showcasing your products and services to the right audience. These tools aid in refining your Display messages and might even unleash your inner artist. Canva stands out as an invaluable platform with nearly full functionality in its free package, and we highly recommend the upgrade for its worthwhile features.

HTML5 Validator

YouTube Resources

Explore these tools to enhance your creative endeavors on YouTube and optimize your results. YouTube's popularity makes it a cost-effective platform to showcase your company's products and services to a broad audience. Test these tools, and if you discover any valuable ones, feel free to suggest them through our contact form.

Brand Resources

SERP Tools

Every business owner aspires to appear on the first page of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP), not out of vanity but to capitalize on opportunities to connect with potential customers. However, the journey to the first page is often challenging and can incur significant costs. Explaining the concept of authority to website owners can be equally challenging. These tools provide agencies and owners with crucial data for making informed decisions about their SERP strategy.

RankTrackr | ProRankTracker | Rankie


Agencies and businesses rely on analytics to gather essential data, a crucial element for any online campaign regardless of its goals. Understanding the journey is key to designing the perfect path for potential customers. Utilize analytics across the board to eliminate uncertainty about how conversions occur.

Google Analytics

Social Media

Social media has become ubiquitous, ingrained in people's daily lives. Depending on your product or service, there's a vast market on these platforms. While not suitable for every business, it's a gold mine for specific industries. These tools can aid your social media efforts.

Buffer | Mention 

Social Scheduling

These tools are your saviors for establishing and maintaining a consistent social media schedule. Building a routine is crucial for a strong online presence, so leverage these tools to create and stick to your posting schedule.

Hootsuite | Buffer | Sendible | CoSchedule | Sprout Social

Social Monitoring

In the fast-paced world of online business, time is a precious commodity. Social monitoring tools become invaluable assets by efficiently keeping tabs on your digital presence, including social media platforms. These tools not only save you time but also ensure you never miss a mention, allowing you to focus on other essential tasks.

Brand24 | Hashtagify | Keyhole | Tweetbinder

Consumer Insights

Both agencies and businesses must strive to understand their customers at a profound level. This knowledge is crucial for staying ahead of competitors and anticipating the evolving needs of customers. Experiment with each tool to determine how they can seamlessly integrate into your toolkit.

Google Trends 

Data Sources & Emulators

While it may not align precisely with the consumer insight tools we've presented, this website is an invaluable resource that every agency should incorporate into its toolkit. Take a moment to explore it firsthand and discover why we deemed it essential for inclusion on this page. It truly stands out.


Prospect Analysis

Utilizing your input, these tools delineate a lead and subsequently employ this information to assess the worth of specific inbound traffic. This approach can be a time and cost-saving method for understanding the resources to allocate to potential client requests. Go ahead, give it a try.


Logo Makers

We've added a logo maker for businesses dissatisfied with their current logo, providing an opportunity to create their own design. Alternatively, users can use this tool to articulate their ideas and convey them directly to a professional designer for refinement.


Google Alerts

Being a Google Partner, we've included some of their tools that we frequently use to streamline various aspects of operations and make tasks more manageable.

Google Alerts

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