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Research & Testing Tools

In any industry, no matter what it is, there will be tools necessary for getting a job done right. These tools can be physical or, in our circumstance, code-based – either way it doesn’t matter. All that matters is that they work properly and produce the results you need to better your performance across the web. Every one of the tools found on this page does exactly that. Each produces results – actionable results you can work with. So, come back as often as you like and feel free to research and test, do it all again, then do it some more.

Website Testing

All of these tools are focused on your website – its performance, its design structure, and more. In fact, if you take the time, there’s not much these tools won’t uncover for you, so make sure to take the time to familiarize yourself with those that pertain to your specific issue. Our team is always just a phone call or email away if you run into problems, so don’t be afraid to reach out for help if you need it.

Google’s own Site Speed Testing tools provide you with current speeds and recommendations for boosting performance. Some you may be able to handle on your own, but the majority should be handled by the pros. Mistakes with your site’s structure can do serious harm – especially if you’re not sure what you did in the first place. When it’s time to optimize, let Lift Conversions do the heavy lifting.

Site Speed: Test Here | Speed is Key

The Mobile-Friendliness Test is exactly what its name suggests. It tests a specified URL to ensure it’s easily accessible on mobile devices. With the rise of mobile’s importance, this is one test you cannot ignore.

Mobile Friendly: Test Here

Or, try the new mobile testing platform here

DoubleClick: Calculate how much mobile speed can mean for you Test Here

Rich Snippets Test

You can eliminate search engine guesswork and provide more relevant, impactful results to your website visitors with rich snippets. We’re talking about really effective additions – like more image space and a carousel feature in your organic results! Test your site’s ability to deliver this all-important presentation with Google’s new rich snippet testing tool. It’s fast, easy to use, and, best of all, free of charge!

Rich Snippets: Test Here

Structured Data

This may mean nothing to you and that’s okay. But, and this is a biggie, it’s everything to the robots that crawl your site. Without the proper structured data included in your architecture, you could have serious web search issues. No one wants that. If you’re uncertain of the results you’re given by this test, reach out to Lift Conversions for a thorough explanation any time.

Structured Data Testing Tool: Test Here

Structured Markup Generators

Open Graph Generator | Schema Creator | JSON-LD Schema Generator | Webmasters Markup Helper

Robots Testing

Robots are automated functions that power the search engines we use to browse the web. These functions index a site, check regularly for updates, and allow users to grab pages for offline viewing. This tool will help you discern whether your site can be properly indexed by these bots.

Robots.txt Testing Tool: Click Here

Sitemap Generators

A sitemap is exactly what its name suggests – a map of your site. But, it’s not exactly for your human site visitors. No, it’s intended for use by the robots engines use to index your site. There’s no downside to having one and the SEO value of adding one can’t be denied.

Audit My PC’s Sitemap Generator | Online XML Sitemap Generator | Free Sitemap Generator

Grow My Store

Have you ever wondered how your retail business stacks up to the competition in your area? Interested in identifying industry trends to help maximize sales? Well, Google has just the tool for you with Grow Your Store from Think with Google. There are tons of features to help you explore trends and compare your own efforts against those of the competition. Better still, it costs you nothing to take advantage of what Google’s offering!

Grow My Store

Web Crawling

Web crawling, also known as scraping, is an excellent way to discover issues with sites across the web. These tools enable you to quickly and efficiently crawl the web and extract the specific data you need in the format required. Give them a try for yourself.

Screaming Frog’s SEO Spider | Crawler FX

Web Scraping

These web scrapers will let you find what you’re after online quickly and with no need for coding and transform what you find into the specific format you require. After all, no one likes to waste time with unformatted data.

Web Scraper – Chrome Extension | Data Scraping | Outwit

Redirect Checker

Redirects don’t get the attention they deserve and it costs sites traffic every single day. Why? That’s simple. Redirects come in many shapes and sizes and if you’re not using the correct ones then you’re losing out. This extension will help you ensure all is well with your redirects.

Ayima Redirect Path – Extension

Website Planet: Redirect Tool 

Check any short or affiliate URL – to see where it goes 

Redirect Tracker

Log Analysis

Those who know log analysis know that it’s an art masquerading as science which seeks to make sense out of data that might as well be written in an alien dialect. Try reading a data log sometime. It’s not thrilling reading for most and that’s why we’ve included these tools. It may not be a joy to deal with computer-generated records, but data logging has its value.
Splunk Light | Loggly Lite

Duplicate Content

Look at a random dental website. Choose a sentence from one of the pages and put it in a Google Search bar word-for-word. The 50 sites you see in the pages of results all use the same wording because the site’s a rental and the company renting it can use duplicates because they wrote the original. That’s great for them and terrible for you. When you stop paying their monthly fee, you lose everything but the domain name. Your page rank doesn’t even exist anymore. The following tools will help you find out if you’re original or just another mimic:

Siteliner | Copyscape

General Site Health

One of the best ways to ensure a site is functioning at optimal capacity is through regular monitoring of its structure and data. This can be done in a myriad of ways, but the following two tools will give you instant access to a comprehensive listing of the page’s elements and how it’s being discovered via the engines that power Search. These are just two of many:

Google Search Console | Search Engine Watch

Miscellaneous Website Tools

There are literally thousands of different tools for every task imaginable. It’s just a matter of wading through the mediocre to find the fantastic. That’s what we’ve tried to do here, so if you know of a great tool we’ve missed let us know via our contact form and we’ll look into what you’ve suggested. Here are a few extras for your website.

Server Header Checker | HTTP/HTTPS Header Check | Website Status w/ HTTP status checker

Web Stats Checker | Chrome Extensions for SEOs Collection | Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) | Progressive Web Apps

Creating Content

Content creation is extremely important for your site – not just for your visitors either. No, today Google looks at your site’s content, its length, and its ability to answer a user’s queries. That’s the new SEO golden ticket and every site owner should be focused on crafting the best content they can across channels. Hopefully, these tools will assist you in your efforts.

Blog Title Generator | Blog Post Ideas from Authority Hacker 

Creating Visual Content

There can be little doubt of the value of visual content for websites – no matter the vertical. It should be a focus for every site owner to stay in line with what users are looking for. This isn’t feeling either – it’s fact. Human attention spans are so short (shorter than that of a goldfish…no really) you need to capture their attention fast in order to keep it long enough to deliver your message.

Canva | Pablo by Buffer | Adobe Spark Post | Stencil

Local SEO

When most hear SEO, the first thing that comes to mind is link building. That’s what SEO has been for most of the last few years, without discussing black hat tactics, but things are changing in the ways businesses are approaching the value of a link. After all, that link’s value is determined by an algorithm that could change at any time – making all that work worthless. The fact is most small to medium-sized businesses can’t afford that type of risk and need another way to increase their organic rankings. Their answer is Local SEO and we’ve included some tools that will help any business owner become much more discoverable to local search.

Google Local | Bing Local | Apple Maps | Moz Local | Local Business Schema (NAP)

AdWords Testing Tools
As a Google Partner agency, we take our AdWords very seriously and have spent a great deal of time using an assortment of tools and extensions trying to find the perfect combination of functionality and flexibility. We’ve yet to find the sweet spot in one tool, but we’ve listed a great many that will, when used together, give you all of the data you’ll need to setup and manage an effective AdWords campaign – no matter your vertical. Disclaimer: We’re professionals and recommend to anyone looking to use AdWords for the first time to, at the least, reach out to a reputable agency to discuss what you’re thinking in terms of budget and expectation. That’ll give you an idea of what a professional thinks of your strategy.

SpyFu – Keyword Research | Keyword Planner | Display Planner | Ad Preview & Diagnosis Tool | PPC Ad Testing Tool | Google AdWords Cost/Profit Calculator | Can This Market Support You? | Marketing Automation ROI Calculator | Optmyzr | Ad Preview Tool | AdRoll | Pagewiz | PPC Samurai | AdNabu | Click Sweeper | PPC Bid Max | 10 Scores | Native Ads Tool

AdWords Scripts

While we’re not huge fans of scripts, they do have some very beneficial uses if you take the time to find those that fit and apply them to your accounts correctly. If you don’t know about scripts, you should take some time to find out more by clicking a link.

100 Google AdWords Scripts You Should Be Using | Brain Lab AdWords Scripts

AdWords Extras

Here are a few AdWords extras we felt would be helpful to include – even if some aren’t tools per se. We try our best to be inclusive, after all. We’ll also include Help Files directly from the source whenever possible. As a Partner, we asked and Google said it was ok, so use them to your heart’s content.

Google Ranking Tool | Lightbox Builder Appspot | Generate Local Adwords & Keyword Lists | Google Analytics Account Setup Checklist | AdWords Creatives | Help File: Fix Error Messages in Uploaded HTML5 Ads

Keyword Tools

There are some truly fantastic keyword tools out there and using them can greatly enhance the work you’ve already put into your accounts. They’re excellent resources for uncovering low-hanging fruit, so do your due diligence and find the one that works best for you. In the end, it’ll be well worth the time you spend investigating what’s available. Plus, many of these are 100% free to use!
Google Keyword Planner | RankBrain.me | WordStream Free Keyword Tool | Local Keyword Lists h/t+Alexey | Wordtracker | Modified Broad Match Keyword Tool | UberSuggest | Keyword Tool IO | Matchpeg’s Adwords Generator | Market Samurai | Dynamic Keyword Phrase Generator | Search Console | Google Trends | Long Tail Pro | Keyword Shitter | AdWords Wrapper | HitTail | Ultimate PPC Keyword Concatenation Tool | Bing Ads Editor | VisioSpark

SEM Tools

Much as with the AdWords-specific tool list, the SEM list could go on and on forever, or very nearly. And, this isn’t a bad thing whatsoever. In fact, with so many tools available, you should surely find the tools to fill your toolbox until you feel confide3nt you have all you need to do the best job possible. Remember, new tools are being developed every single day and a good many are free of charge to use. So, there’s no excuse for not, at the very least, taking time to try a few of them out. You may just save time, budget, and frustration.

Google AdWords Editor | Certified Knowledge | Spyfu | Optmyzr | SEMRush | Unbounce | SEO Book ROI Calculator | iSpionage | Invoca | Bings Ads Editor | Call Rail | LeadPages

SEM Display Network Tools

Display is fast becoming one of the most meaningful avenues for getting your products and services in front of the right people and is worth far too much to ignore. These tools will help with crafting the Display message you’re trying to deliver and maybe even give you an outlet for your inner artist. Canva is one of the most useful platforms you’ll ever use and offers almost full functionality with their free package. The upgrade is well worth the price, in our humble opinion.
Canva | Share As Image | Pinterest | Check Your AdWords Creatives

YouTube Resources

These tools will assist you with your YouTube creative efforts and should be investigated to get maximum results from use. YouTube is far too popular to ignore and represents a low-cost way of introducing a company’s goods and services to the public. Give these a try and suggest any you find useful via our contact form.
Lightbox Builder | Playbook for Creative Advertising

SERP Tools

All business owners like to show up on the first page of the search engine results page (SERP). It’s not vanity, it’s all about opportunities for making that all-important connection with potential customers. Being shown on the first page means they’ve got that shot, but most have no idea how difficult, or expensive, it can be to get there. And, that’s saying nothing of trying to explain authority to a website owner. It can be tough. These tools give agencies and owners the real data they need to make competent decisions about their SERP strategy.
RankTrackr | ProRankTracker | Rankie

Analytics Tools

When agencies or businesses need data, they turn to analytics to get the information they need. It’s one of the most critical elements to any campaign online – no matter what the goals. After all, if you don’t understand the journey, you’ll never design the perfect path for your potentials. So, use analytics everywhere and never wonder how a conversion happened again.
Google Analytics | Analytics Checklist | Facebook Insights | Twitter Analytics | Buzzsumo | LikeAlyzer | FollowerWonk |  Crowdbooster | Audiense

Social Media Tools

Today, social media is everywhere. It’s become like breathing to so many people and all of them, depending on your particular product or service, are in the market for what you have to offer. While it’s not the best place for every business, it’s a gold mine if you’re in specific industries, so you need to pay attention to what’s possible for your efforts across social channels and platforms. These tools will help in your efforts.

AdEspresso | Twitter Analytics | BuzzSumo | Facebook Text Overlay Tool | gifntext | Twilio

Social Media Scheduling

These tools will save the day when it comes to creating, and sticking to, your very own social media schedule. Consistency is the cornerstone of any good online persona, so create a schedule using these tools and adhere to it – no matter what.
Hootsuite | Buffer | Sendible | MeetEdgar | SocialOomph | CoSchedule | Sprout Social

Social Monitoring: Brand, Hashtags & Trending Topics

Time is always in short supply in business – especially online business – and with all the demands the online world brings you’re sure to find tools that save you time valuable. That’s exactly what social monitoring tools do. They keep eyes on your business in the digital world – including social media sites. They’ll free you up to do other things and never let you miss a mention.

TweetDeck | Brand24 | Klear | Brandwatch | Spredfast | Hashtagify | Keyhole | Tweetbinder

In-Depth Consumer Insights

Agencies and business alike need to know customers as intimately as possible. It’s imperative if you want to stay ahead of your competition and the future needs of those same customers. So, try each of them out to see how you can fit them into your toolbox.
Google Trends | Google Preferred Lineup Explorer | Google Correlate

Fast Focus Group Data

As a bonus, we’ve included some more focus group resources you can use to better understand the consumers you’re marketing to.
Audience Retention Tool | Google Consumer Surveys 

Data Sources & Emulators

This isn’t necessarily in the exact same vein as the consumer insight resources we’ve provided, but this site is a fantastic resource every agency should have in its arsenal. Take some time and check it out for yourself and see why we felt it had to be included on this page. It’s that good.

DataUSA | LMGTFY | Lynx Browser

Prospect Analysis

These tools use your input to define a lead and then apply that information to inbound traffic in an attempt to analyze the value of a particular prospect. This can save you time and money when it comes to knowing what resources to devote to a potential client’s requests. Really, give it a try.

Logo Makers

We decided to include a logo maker for all of those businesses out there who can’t stand their logo and would like to try to make their own. Or, at least make a design they can then give to an actual designer for completion. It’s not a bad way to convey your thoughts directly to the artist.


Helpful Google Tools

As a Google Partner, we thought we would include some of their tools that we use regularly. They’ll make life easier – across the board.
Google Alerts | Google Docs | Data Gallery

Bonus Extensions & Apps

28 SEO Browser Extensions

Google AdWords App Play | iTunes

Google Analytics App Play

Facebook Ads Manager App Play | iTunes

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