Shopify Certifications

Lift Conversions Is A Shopify Partner

Lift Conversions long ago recognized the potential in Shopify as an ecommerce platform to rival any of the world’s best. That’s why we made the choice to become a Shopify Partner agency.

When you want to open an ecommerce store to sell your products, there aren’t a ton of great options to choose from. We should know. We’ve worked with them all. Shopify offers its Store owners something a bit different than the rest – a level of support and security not found amongst many other providers. It can really assist you in getting your online business from great idea to great results. With over half a million active Shopify stores, there’s obviously a lot to like about what they have to offer – no matter what the product you’re selling.

Why did we choose to partner with Shopify over so many other ecommerce solution providers? It all came down to three things: integration, administration, and optimization. We found Shopify offered its customers more in all three of those areas and was therefore the clear choice for delivering a simplified solution to our ecommerce web design clients. Ideally, a site owner should be able to handle the workload necessary to keep the site operating efficiently. We’re there for the technical work, but management of an ecommerce business is what the client does. That should include basic web work. Shopify makes it possible.

Because Shopify Stores are made of purposefully designed components, they all function optimally together. This makes installation of the technical aspects of much of your ecommerce store a thing of the past. It’s all done for you by the system, or by us – your Shopify Partner design team. We can customize everything to your satisfaction during buildout and you can keep adding details after we’re through. It’s intuitive, easy-to-use, and worth your time if you’re interested in being the best ecommerce Store you can be.

So, when it’s time to design your ecommerce store, take a moment to discuss your needs with Lift Conversions first. There’s no obligation for the consultation and you just might find that Shopify is the right choice for your business. Call either of our office locations – Chicago (773) 419-3636 or Westminster (303) 332-6012 – or use our helpful Contact form to have one of our team members reach out to you directly.