Dallas, Texas Google Ads Services

Dallas, Texas Google Ads Services

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Lift Conversions has deep roots in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex with multiple team members growing up or spending their college years in and around the city. We’ve helped a wide range of clients in the area get started with Google Ads and would love nothing more than to assist you in setting up and/or managing your Google Ads effort. There’s no better way to get your business noticed by customers and no better team to help you achieve your goals than Lift Conversions. Call (773) 419-3636 today!

We specialize in:

  • Google Ads Audit & Repair: Our agency professionals will go through your existing Google Ads account with an eye for anything that could be costing you all-important conversions. This includes your settings, your geo-targeting and dayparting choices, your keyword selections, your negative keyword library, and your ad copy. We’ll even provide you with landing page recommendations aimed at improving your conversion rates!
  • Google Ads Account Setup: We offer Google Ads account setup assistance to businesses in any vertical, any region. Our approach focuses on best practices to construct something you can count on to deliver the results you’re after. Once your setup fee is paid in full, all of the work we’ve done is yours outright to do with what you will. That’s right – no black boxes or “rented” solutions!
  • Google Ads Monthly Management: Whether you’ve come to us with an existing account, or we built one for you, we’re the best Google Ads managers you can find anywhere in Texas. Every team member has been trained by our founder, Spencer Wade, who holds the title of Google Ads Product Expert – one of only a handful of people given that title worldwide!
  • Google Ads Grant Management: Yes, we offer Google Ads services to nonprofits, too! In fact, we offer pro bono management to qualifying NPOs and will even assist you in getting your application for the program turned in successfully. We manage these grants for organizations ranging from college life to musical education and would love to discuss your 501(c)(3) nonprofit’s mission with you to see if you qualify!
  • White Label Google Ads Service: With a team like ours it’s no surprise that we assist other agencies with their own search marketing campaigns – specifically Google Ads. We offer all of our usual Google Ads services to agency teams across the US which allows them to open up another revenue stream without the in-house talent. Plus, you’ll never have to worry about another vendor stealing your client!

We also offer PPC advertising using other platforms like Bing, Yelp, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more. Call (773) 419-3636 today to speak with an expert about the platform you’re interested in. Check out this page for more!

Our team of Google Ads experts can help you make the most of your advertising budget by providing you with a level of service you’ll not find anywhere else in our industry. We’re available to you when you need us. We’re proven leaders in our field with a founder known far and wide for his Google Ads expertise, so you can depend on us for honest recommendations, clear communication, and a willingness to work hard to achieve your goals. So, no matter where you are in Dallas, Texas, Lift Conversions is the right choice for Google Ads!

We’re the ideal choice for your Google Ads effort for any number of reasons. We’re competitively priced to allow even the smallest business to get started. Our work is owned outright by our clients once their payment has been made and we don’t use contracts of any length – every campaign is month-to-month. That means you’re not locked into something you don’t understand and can leave with a 30-day notice and all of your Google Ads work intact! There’s no downside whatsoever!

Google Ads can be intimidating. We know that. But, it doesn’t have to be and it’s not when you choose the right partner to work with – a partner like Lift Conversions. From an audit of your existing account to a first-time advertiser looking to get started on the right foot, Lift Conversions has the right people, the right approach, and the right answers to your questions. Call (773) 419-3636 for a conversation with a Google Ads expert!

Where to start? I cannot (ok, yes I can) believe the quality of work provided by Lift Conversions. We tasked Spencer and the team with a challenge and they stepped up to the plate. They started our campaign within less than a week, provide constant feedback and even spot little things that we missed. This has all led to conversions! You just cannot go wrong with Lift!
Ben Fisher
Steady Demand

Review by: Ben Fisher | Published: December 2018 | Rating: 5 / 5 Stars

If this review piques your interest, call Lift Conversions (773) 419-3636 to start a conversation about Google Ads!

Dallas, Texas Google Ads

Whether you’re in the heart of Dallas or on the outskirts, Google Ads can get eyes on your business faster than any other marketing avenue available. And, if you partner with the right team you could have a robust account, filled with converting campaigns, for far less than you’re probably thinking. But, you’ll never know if you don’t reach out to an expert!

There are different Google Ads campaign types you will want to be familiar with prior to building your first campaign. These are:

Search Campaigns: Text ads, the backbone of search advertising, allow us to deliver your messaging along with powerful CTAs to entice your customers.

Display Campaigns: Advertise across websites, apps, and more with display campaigns that use imagery to capture your customers’ attention where they browse online.

Shopping Campaigns: Get your products in front of the customers that matter most – the ones looking for what you have to offer! We setup and manage great Shopping campaigns!

Video Campaigns: Use video ads on YouTube to capture the audiences you want! Empower your marketing with video and only pay when you get the interaction you want!

Universal App Campaigns: Universal app campaigns allow you to put your app in the hands of more users. Lift Conversions can help you get more installs and in-app conversions!

Remarketing Campaigns: Get another chance to sell your product or service to those who’ve already shown an interest in what you have to offer. Be there when they’re ready to convert!

The first campaign type you should consider is Search. This will get your ad in front of users who’ve already shown intent by using your keywords to search for a product or service and who will need you to provide the answers they’re after. We can help!

Dallas, Texas Google Ads Steps

Getting started with Google Ads in Dallas, Texas, or anywhere for that matter, is a simple 10-step process:

  1. Create your Google Ads account at adwords.google.com.
  2. Add your billing information (credit card on file).
  3. Select a campaign type and geographic target area.
  4. Set your bid strategy and daily budget.
  5. Create ad extensions: call, location, sitelinks, callouts, structured snippets.
  6. Choose your keywords and write your ads.

Dallas, Texas Google Ads Professionals

Lift Conversions is the right team to tackle all of your digital marketing challenges – especially those in Google Ads. We can turn your flagging account around, or build one from scratch that will deliver the conversion actions your business depends on to compete in a crowded marketplace. Call (773) 419-3636 today for a free consultation!

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