SEO & Content Audit

At Lift Conversions, our teams understand the many ways content can fuel your SEO efforts and improve your organic rankings. Our goal is increasing site traffic through the inclusion of targeted, informative content your visitors are looking for and keeping that interest high month-to-month by constantly updating and testing new content strategies to better our previous results. It’s an ongoing process, and clients need to take the long view, but, if they do, they’ll get results that can be depended on to push your business to the next level.

Your website is the digital face of your business. It’s your online handshake. Therefore, it has to be everything it possibly can be to impress – to make that singular first impression. While many try to accomplish this through design, and many succeed with amazing results, that’s, by far, the more expensive path to take. Uniquely designed websites are becoming more and more the realm of the corporate world – the world of expansive budgets and matching price tags. That’s an excellent choice of you can afford to make it, but for the rest of us – the small businesses of the world, the choice is clear: a template design with extraordinary content.

Lift Conversions looks to help businesses find their online voice, not to mention spruce up their appearance, through a comprehensive website audit. This audit, completely complimentary of course, will uncover a great deal of useful, actionable information specific to your current web footprint. We’ll look at your content, take a dive into your social media profiles, check your link profile – including directories, and take a look at your competition – both locally and beyond if you wish. All of the relevant web technologies will be checked as well to ensure there are no quick fixes we can pass along – including your load times and more.

Our aim with this effort is to produce a document you can use to make changes and improvements to your current online efforts. And, we’re doing it all with zero obligation to work with us. This is one of the ways we encourage small businesses to get in the game and compete in the digital world. It’s only getting more urgent day by day, so each moment you spend debating whether or not to commit to the future is another mile you’ll be left behind. Don’t let it happen to you. Sign up for a free audit today.

Please take a moment to supply your information and we’ll get right to work producing something you’ll find useful, truthful, and DIY-able. It’s our Founder’s philosophy that makes this possible – Lifetime Client Value. We show you what’s possible and you, if you ever need openness and honesty – along with incredibly effective digital marketing, you’ll come back to us – the company that gave with no regard for return.

Basically, we’re after clients who we can retire alongside – not just paychecks. If you like the sound of that, get in touch with us today. We’re a full-service Google Partner and can offer comprehensive strategies that cover it all – from SEO to Content Marketing, PPC to Web Design. We even handle Website Hostage Negotiations for those trapped in unsavory agreements with less-than-reputable firms.

Fill out the form below, call our office at (773) 419-3636, or send an email to and begin transforming your tomorrow today.