Vanguard Plumbing & Sewer is one of Chicago’s top-rated plumbers. We met the owner of Vanguard Plumbing & Sewer when he came to our office to fix a plumbing issue. That led to a conversation about his dissatisfaction with his current marketing channels.


To demonstrate the efficacy of our strategy, we opted to directly compete with the company’s initiatives on Yelp and Angi. This initially constrained our budget more than we would have liked. Nonetheless, we were confident that diligent management would ultimately yield positive results.


Our initial step involved constructing a new website, replacing the outdated version in use. This update encompassed SEO enhancements and continuous content marketing. Additionally, we initiated Google Ads campaigns with meticulous segmentation.

Within 90 days, we surpassed both Yelp and Angi, prompting a reallocation of portions of their budgets into Google Ads.

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