November 09, 2016

Jenny Tola SF

Jenny Tola SF had been attempting to manage AdWords in-house and came to us for improvement.

With a history stretching back years, the business had hit a wall with their results and needed expert help to get back into the lead in a very competitive insurance market. As one of many agents in the locale, she needed help differentiating her messaging from that of corporate.

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The real challenge facing us with Jenny Tola SF was a total inability to track data once users landed on her site. This was due to corporate control of her domain and meant new metrics needed to be identified and agreed upon to measure return on investment for our efforts.



We gave the client a range of metrics allowed them to choose those they felt would best provide opportunity. Once agreed upon, we granulated the account to identify keyword strategies overlooked by corporate advertisers.

We continually tested targeting and keyword combinations until we found the right formula for success.

The Results of Our Work

Lift Conversions’ AdWords management has allowed this client to continue to exceed their goals year after year.

  • 5,327 phone calls from AdWords since 2014
  • 3,572,759 clicks from our AdWords efforts to their website messaging
  • 225,974 impressions for ad copy designed to deliver Jenny Tola’s insurance messaging.

5.38% CTR

+44% Conversion

+216% Return
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