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Chicago Roofing Solutions

Chicago Roofing Solutions came to us for help as they were being held hostage by their old marketing agency.

Their email accounts were being monitored by this agency and the owner was convinced leads were mot materializing due to actions on their part. New marketing avenues had to be developed to bring in leads the company needed to survive. We agreed to take full control of all marketing efforts.



We needed to devise a plan for coaxing the site the client had already paid for and their domain from the hands of the agency without bowing to demands for payment. Marketing needed to be structured and scheduled to take effect at the moment the domain issue was resolved.



We had the server company release the domain to our client and moved it to our own server pointing to our design. We synced and linked their listings and web properties before launching our AdWords effort to bring in potential leads.

With a robust marketing strategy in place, CRS has seen ever-increasing returns since coming to us from a very dark place.

The Results of Our Work

Lift Conversions successfully rescued the domain, built a new site, and have marketed it effectively since February of 2017.

  • 563 conversions in AdWords since 2017
  • 3,509 clicks from our AdWords efforts to their website messaging
  • 225,974 impressions for ad copy designed to deliver CRS’s roofing service messages.
4.98% CTR
16% Conversions
+348% Returns