July 08, 2018

White Label Client #1

This white label client is an action sports park in Texas brought to us for assistance with Google AdWords.

A great deal of investment went into the opening of the park and the client needed AdWords to recoup some of the expenditure. It was also vital to utilize AdWords for brand awareness as the park was a new addition to the area and unknown to the public. We agreed to take on the challenge.

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As the summertime would be the optimal time to recoup their initial operating costs, it was important that the account be built out and launched as quickly as possible as we weren’t brought in until the end of March. Our research and strategy sessions had to be rushed to meet the deadline.


We created a robust account which could handle all of the usual service offerings and be modified to promote special events going on during the summer. We were tasked with identifying top earners in terms of services offered.

Once we had a grasp of the queries coming in, it was a simple matter to adjust focus to services which converted.

The Results of Our Work

Lift Conversions promoted two very successful summer events and delivered results beyond client expectations.

  • 154 in-system conversions from AdWords since April 2018
  • 9,438 clicks from our AdWords efforts to their website messaging
  • 306,532 impressions for ad copy designed to deliver client’s action sports messaging.
3.08% CTR
+2.01% Conversion
+467% Return

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