Roofing by Hernandez

Roofing by Hernandez came to us as a referral from another client. They offer roofing services across Chicago. The owner had seen our work for roofing clients in Chicago and watched as our results lifted them to new heights. He was interested in the approach we’d used with each of them and requested we begin by building a new website for his business. He requested we make all design choices independently.
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The client’s business existed previously under a different name. This made it necessary to completely excise that old URL from every possible node to allow the new site to take over as the primary for the business. This would require considerable time and research to complete effectively.


We designed a framework with little resemblance to our previous roofing work and built out a 60+ page design filled with keyword-laden content. This design took full advantage of the company’s USP as the area’s top-rated insurance claim specialist and utilized blogs written with top queries to increase SEO value.

We took the additional step of creating the major listing profiles for this business to increase their organic traffic.

The Results of Our Work

Lift Conversions new professional, polished design has been a boost to the business’ daily traffic and conversions.

5.21% CTR
5.61% Conversions
+512% Returns
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