July 08, 2018

Elf Productions

Elf Productions is a Miami-based creative design firm with an impressive catalog and track record in the industry.

Elf Productions came to us through our Google ties in need of assistance with their Google My Business listing. There listing was full of errors and displayed their location as in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean which was causing some distress. We agreed to assist them with GMB management.

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Working with Google My Business requires coordination and timing to ensure that all actions are approved in the window if time given by the system. This means communication and coordination must be perfect during the changes, or the fixes could cause more problems.


We worked closely with our connections within Google My Business to correct the mistakes which were present and thoroughly rebuild the listing from the ground up. As they were not using their listing fully, we also improved it with all possible inclusions to get the most from the free real estate.

Today, Elf’s Google My Business listing has all the bells and whistles and provides users with correct information.

The Results of Our Work

Lift Conversions was successfully able to navigate the many issues facing Elf and deliver a robust, effective listing.

  • Successful Google Maps searches
  • Calls from their Google My Business listings
  • New 5-Star reviews of their services and location.
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