July 02, 2018

Aladin Foods

Aladin Foods is the Bulgarian equivalent of McDonald’s with 120+ locations dotted throughout Europe.

Aladin Foods came to us through our Founder’s role in the Google Forums. They were experiencing issues with Google My Business relating to their addresses, phone numbers, and hours being incorrectly listed even after modification. They requested we remedy the issue.

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The business exists in another country on a separate continent with a language barrier making communication impossible without translators present. All work had to be handled via email and translated before steps could be taken which caused delays at every turn.


After initial hesitation, we convinced them to give us control of all listings. This allowed us to work the problem independently and turn the listings back over when the issue was fully resolved.

To date, our efforts have paid enormous dividends and prove the value of active management.

The Results of Our Work

Aladin Foods has not had a problem in any of their 120+ listings during our term as manager of Google My Business.

  • 249,000 Google Maps searches for Aladin Foods
  • 196,000 actions taken on all of Aladin Foods’ 120+ listings
  • 987 new 4 & 5 Star reviews of their services and locations across the European Union.
249k Searches
196k Actions

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