November 09, 2016

You Are A Star NFP

You Are A Star NFP is a 501(c)(3) charity dedicated to improving the lives of children of color across Chicago.

This great organization was introduced to us at a Google GYBO event in Chicago where we learned that they’d been given a grant from a local church for a new computer and a website to help with donations for their mission. The owner requested assistance with their site and help in refining their messaging.

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The members of the organization’s board all had careers that took much of their time and had kept them from getting further in their attempts at a new site design. We would have to create everything for the site with little to no input – including all content and charitable giving site profiles.


We reduced fees by 75% to allow the build to commence and found a template they approved quickly. We found reputable websites with similar missions across the US and molded our messaging to align with the best approach. Once complete, we made ourselves available in a consulting capacity at no additional charges going forward.

The Results of Our Work

Lift Conversions’ website design and profile creation has set You Are A Star NFP up for a bright future in Chicago.

  • Multiple ways to give set up onsite
  • Multimedia included to showcase the organization’s offerings
  • SSL Certificate and one year’s hosting provided at no additional charge to the client.
+638% Traffic
+42% Conversions
+38% Volunteer

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