November 09, 2016

IAS Packaging Solutions

IAS Packaging Solutions is a New York-based silica gel company with all their products made here in the US.

The client came to us as a referral from the Google Partners system. We first discussed AdWords and their desire to expand their Amazon operations into Canada, Mexico, and, eventually, the EU. We were tasked with getting their brand onto Google with a national AdWords campaign.

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The site in use was a Shopify ecommerce platform with glaring deficiencies. They had never had web traffic on their site and were unsure as to why. We diagnosed it as a design issue and built a new ecommerce platform using a Shopify template approved by the client.


In order to deliver results the client needed to prove the efficacy of AdWords, we pushed hard to deliver a fully functional ecommerce site and a ready-for-launch national AdWords campaign.

The effort was handed off to the client for work to be used across marketing platforms as they see fit.

The Results of Our Work

IAS Packaging Solutions is in an excellent position and we look forward to helping them grow in the future.

  • 10 large conversions in limited Google AdWords run
  • 278 clicks from our AdWords efforts to their website messaging
  • 19,168 impressions for ad copy designed to deliver IAS’s product catalog messaging.
1.45% CTR
3.6% Conversion
+112% Return

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