November 18, 2016

Kappa Alpha Order

KAO is the nation’s oldest fraternal organization first chartered at Washington College in Lexington, Virginia in 1865.

Begun by young men looking to model themselves after southern gentlemen – specifically the President of the College, Robert E. Lee – and continue the tradition of chivalry they felt was inherent in that moral code. Since that first Chapter, Kappa Alpha Order has grown to become one of the largest fraternities in the US.

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Fraternity enrollment has been decreasing nationwide for a decade or more. However, KAO has been affected to a greater degree due to its affiliations with Robert E. Lee and the South during a time of increasing racial tensions. KAO needed a new way to get their messaging out to the public.



Our solution presented to Kappa Alpha Order was a Google Ad Grant. We applied for the grant using the nonprofit status of the Kappa Alpha Educational Foundation and were successful in getting the application approved.

Since that time, Lift Conversions has continued to manage the Ad Grant effectively generating almost 10 million impressions.

The Results of Our Work

Lift Conversions successfully landed an Ad Grant worth $10,000 a month and have managed it effectively for over 3 years.

  • $337,763.26 in AdWords spend since 2015
  • 232,089 clicks from our AdWords efforts to their website messaging.
  • 9,188,210 impressions for our ad copy designed to deliver a new KAO message to the public.

6.78% CTR

+36% Donations

+29% Volunteer
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