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Privacy Policy

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This page content informs site visitors of the privacy policy of the website.

This privacy policy is written to provide website users with relevant information about how we use data  – both personal data (PD) and data classified as nonpersonal data (NPD). It explains what data our website may collect, how we go about that data collection, when and how that data may be shared with third parties – including governmental agencies – and how you can govern data collection completed by our website.

This privacy policy also includes information about the legal rights of website visitors when it comes to personal data. All important terms used in this policy will be defined where applicable and if not their definitions will be discoverable on other pages of our website. Please send any questions about this privacy policy to the email listed above. 


While visiting the website and providing personal data through forms or signups, you may have specific rights under laws and regulations – including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In certain situations where data is used, you may have any or all of the following rights in regards to your personal data (PD):

  • A Right To Information: You may have a right to know what personal data (PD) is collected and how that personal data (PD) is processed after you submit it through a website.
  • A Right Of Access: You may have a right to access personal data (PD) that is processed after submittal through a website. You can access it via personal data (PD) request.
  • A Right To Rectify: You may have the right to rectify any personal data (PD) that is incomplete or inaccurate. This can be handled via a request to rectify personal data (PD).
  • A Right To Erase: You have a right to permanently remove or delete personal data after submittal through a website property. This requires a removal request.
  • A Right To Restrict: After submitting personal data (PD), you have the right to restrict the usage or processing of that data. By restricting personal data (PD) usage, your data may be stored by cannot be processed.
  • A Right To Data Portability: At any time, you have a right to request the personal data (PD) submitted through a website. In the case of liftconversions, we provide personal data (PD) requested via the email listed at the top of this document within 30 days.
  • A Right To Object: You have the right to object to the usage of your personal data (PD) for a variety of reasons depending on local, national and international regulations. You can object to usage via an email to the above listed address.
  • A Right To File Complaints: If you believe your personal data (PD) has not been used in accordance with local, Federal or international regulations you have a right to complain to the appropriate supervisory authority. You may also have a right to judicial remedies.

If you would like more information about General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and it’s ramifications for website visitors you can visit this official EU GDPR link


In this privacy policy, we’ll discuss two different types of data – personal data and nonpersonal data (NPD). Nonpersonal data (NPD) includes information that cannot be used to identify you in any way. Personal data (PD) includes information that can be used to identify you as a natural person. To be more specific, a natural person is one who can be identified either directly or indirectly by the use of a reference – like a name or ID number, precise location data or online identifiers tied to a physical, physiological, genetic, mental, economic, cultural or societal identity of that natural person. Personal data (PD) is more general than personally identifiable information (PII) and covers a wider range of data. Visitors, as defined by the privacy policy, include anyone who visits the site for any reason.


When you visit the website, you are not required to submit personal data (PD) of any kind to utilize the functionality of the majority of our site. You are in complete control of the amount of personal data (PD) you provide us when submitting a contact form, newsletter signup or emailed service request. All data submission is consent-driven.


Browser & Device Information: When a user visits our website, specific information is automatically received during the visit. This information includes all of the following:

When you choose to visit the website, you are agreeing to accept cookies. These cookies may contain personal data (PD).

When you purchase a service from Lift Conversions, you will be asked for personal data (PD) including first and last name, physical and email addresses and credit card information (if applicable).


A cookie is defined as a small packet of data or a text file which is downloaded to a device when it accesses a website. These cookies can be read by the server that delivers them and are generally made up of numbers and letters which exist to identify a unique device. Other data may also be included depending on functionality.

Choosing to agree to accept our cookie usage gives us and select third parties we work with consent to place cookies on your device, store those cookies on the device and access those cookies on the device. Below are listed the types of cookies the website makes use of when visited by a user.

Required Cookies: Some cookies are actually a requirement for a functional website. These include the cookies that show specific content, those that assist with logging in, ones that validate user sessions and even those that assist in responding quickly to requests for service. It’s important to note that browser technology makes it possible to disable cookies completely which may make using the website more difficult, if not impossible in specific circumstances.

Session cookies are also required cookies as they make the website easier to use for return visitors. This is accomplished by linking the actions of a unique user to a unique visit which in turn makes it simpler to utilize all the functions of a website – like avoiding the necessity of logging in repeatedly or refilling items from an abandoned shopping cart. Session cookies are not stored for any duration as they expire as soon as a visit ends.

Operational Cookies: These cookies perform an important function as they store user preferences for return visits. Basically, they remember what a user preferred in terms of language, username and so on while they were on the website. Some of these cookies can also assist users in completing web tasks – like creating a post or enjoying audio and video. There may also be third-party cookies placed on our site by partners who perform service for our company.

Usage Cookies: In order to better the user experience of the website, we use performance cookies to collect user information relating to what was done onsite – from which pages were visited to the source that delivered them to our page.

Cookies for Advertising: When visiting the website, you may have a cookie placed on your device for advertising purposes. They allow us to deliver targeted advertisements to users who have visited our site in the past. By allowing this, you ensure you will see advertising that is more relevant to your interests  

Analytics Cookies: The website uses Google Analytics to better understand the activity of site visitors. These cookies monitor activity once a user lands on a webpage including time on site, traffic source, pageviews and browsing patterns. This information allows us to improve our overall user experience.


The website uses Google Analytics and remarkets using Google Ads. Google Analytics collects information about website usage which is then used to better the user experience and overall performance of our site. The data collected includes age, gender, demographics, interests, number of site visits, pages viewed during visit and the source web address that delivered them to This information allows us to intelligently analyze visits, improve marketing efforts including remarketing and improve the flow of our webpages to better suit user tastes.

Using Google Analytics for the purposes described does not require your name or identifiable information of any kind to function. It simply records the IP address used to visit the site on the day of that visit. This data is never combined or analyzed alongside personal data (PD) and the cookie placed on your device is placed there by Google who is the only entity that can access that cookie for any purpose. If you’re uncomfortable with this type of data collection you can opt out using the link provided here:

Google Ads Remarketing cookies allow us to deliver targeted advertisements based on the interests shown while visiting the website. Basically, remarketing as performed by Google Ads showcases advertisements on partner sites across the web after a user has already shown an interest by visiting a site, abandoning a shopping cart, etc. If this type of remarketing based on previous interest is not something you feel comfortable with you can opt out by visiting the link provided here:


Lift Conversions uses the data collected through our website for a variety of reasons – all of which are clearly identified in this page content or throughout our website. These purposes include:

  • Deliver our offered services.
  • Customize our website content.
  • Improve website performance.
  • Communicate updates to users.
  • Customer dispute resolution.
  • Offer tailored advertisements.

It’s How We Communicate: Sharing personal data with us through the website allows us to communicate with you for the purposes of delivering requested service, providing answers and solutions and offers and promotions we feel you would be interested in. Your contact information is never sold to third parties or shared for any reason not covered by State or Federal regulations. You can update your contact information or have it removed entirely by emailing the address at the top of this page.

Future Marketing Purposes: At some future date, Lift Conversions may decide to take advantage of the similar audience mechanics available in Google Ads and other marketing platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn. This sharing of personal data (PD) assists us in identifying the best possible audience for our advertisements. The further use of the website and agreement to this privacy policy constitutes your consent for this data sharing with Google, Facebook and others for the express purpose of marketing Lift Conversions services.

When Required By Law: Under specific circumstances outlined by relevant State, Federal and International Laws and Regulations, Lift Conversions may be required to share personal data (PD) with law enforcement officials or governmental agencies when subpoenaed or forced to comply through other legal processes. This includes, but is not limited to, when necessary to assist in lawful investigations, when necessary to protect us from legal action or claims by third parties – including any and all users of this site and when necessary to protect the legal rights, real property and personal safety of our company, its employees, our affiliates and our users.


There are some items to go over prior to concluding this privacy policy. Some of these have been touched on previously but we have included them here to ensure they’re clearly evident to all site visitors who continue to use the site after accepting this policy in its entirety. These items include:

Storing & Destroying Data: When you submit personal data (PD) through the Lift Conversions website, that data is only stored for as long as it is necessary for completion of service, related business or tax purposes. This information is stored in electronic format and/or on paper and is destroyed/deleted when it is no longer needed for above-described purposes.

Making Updates To Data: For so long as Lift Conversions is storing your personal data (PD) for use, it is possible to update your data by sending a request to the email at the top of this document. This applies to any data not required for completion of work under agreement or existing legal obligations.

Removing Personal Data Consent: Once you have submitted personal data (PD) through the website, you have a right to have that data removed at any time. However, it is important to note this data removal will not impact any of the following:

  • Prior disclosures to affiliates and partners
  • Prior disclosures to third-parties who provide service to Lift Conversions including credit card processing and data management services.
  • Prior disclosures to third parties as necessary to fulfill your previous requests.
  • Prior disclosures to law enforcement and government agencies when required under applicable law.
  • Prior disclosures to third parties in connection with contests, promotions or offers you may choose to accept.

Browser Settings: Today’s browsers may contain settings that allow users to block and tracking associated with the website through a communication protocol or other methodology. The website does not operate with such functionality in place so to achieve this effect you will have to do so via your browser’s individual settings.

External Web Links: While browsing the Lift Conversions website you may encounter links to third-party websites. Any website linked to in such a fashion is not under the control of Lift Conversions and we are not responsible for the content on their websites. These websites will have their own privacy policies governing the use of those sites and it is in the interest of any visitor to seek out this policy and familiarize themselves with its sections. Use of your personal data (PD) by these third-party websites is not the responsibility of Lift Conversions.

Child Data Protections: The website is not intended for use by those under the age of 18. However, we understand that those under that age may attempt to access our website and utilize its functions – including submitting personal data (PD). We never knowingly accept or store personal data (PD) from anyone under the age of 18. Parents or guardians who believe someone under 18 has submitted data through our website may contact us at the email listed at the top of this page to discuss removal. By accepting this privacy policy you acknowledge that Lift Conversions does not verify the age of visitors to

Email Communication Policy: When you share an email address with Lift Conversions through the website it is understood and agreed that we may send you email communications relating to services or promotions we think you may be interested in. You can opt out of these emails by contacting the email address at the top of this page or using the unsubscribe link provided in the email itself.

Website Security Statement: The website was built using the latest security technology and is managed and monitored for issues and external threats at all times. This security is focused on protecting personal data (PD) and no information is ever stored without safeguards in place – including secure online transactions and industry-standard email encryption. Lift Conversions cannot guarantee the security of personal data transferred over the internet due to its nature. All passwords created for the Lift Conversions website or any property we deliver should not be shared with third parties and should be changed regularly for safety.

Credit Card Safety: When you use a credit card to purchase a service from Lift Conversions or to process a monthly payment for ongoing agreements, you are utilizing a third-party platform which offers its own privacy policy and security features. Lift Conversions has no direct control over credit card payments processed via this third-party billing system. accepting this privacy policy you agree that Lift Conversions is not in any way responsible for misuse of your credit card number.

Transferring Personal Data & The GDPR: As a company that offers service to countries within the EU, Lift Conversions is in compliance with the GDPR regulations as they impact the United States. This includes the transferring of personal data outside the EU pursuant to Article 45 which states the US does not offer adequate protections for personal data (PD). For cases such as this, you give Lift Conversions permission to transfer your personal data outside the EU for the duration of service. This data will only be stored for as long as is reasonable for the completion of the contract or service and Lift Conversions will take every precaution to protect your personal data (PD) for that time. By using our website further you agree to this section of our privacy policy.


Lift Conversions reserves the right to modify or change this privacy policy at any time and for any reason. If changes or modifications are made to the privacy policy it will be noticed on our website in multiple locations so as to communicate that changes have taken place. This includes the ways we collect and use your personal data (PD). Should we decide to modify the ways we use your personal data (PD) we will provide advance notice by emailing the address on file with information outlining how our usage will change since personal data (PD) submittal. In all other circumstances, we will use personal data (PD) only in the ways outlined at submission. Your continued use of our website once changes to this privacy policy have been implemented constitutes your acceptance of the changes.


If you have questions about this policy as written you can contact us at any time using the email address located at the top of this page.

Last Edited: 4/2023