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Pay Per Click

Pay-Per-Click campaigns, when planned and executed properly, can provide a stream of interested visitors to your site. No matter the goods and services your company offers, new visitors mean new inquiries, sales, and brand exposure.

PPC is an incredibly useful tool for modern business, so finding a firm to maximize your return on investment is critical. That’s where Lift Conversion comes in. We are experts in keyword recognition and effective usage, targeted advertisement placement, and detailed, focused landing page design.

PPC campaigns work best in partnership with a solid search engine optimization program, but, taking into account our client’s budgetary concerns and overall campaign goals, we can create a customized, stand-alone PPC campaign that will meet your needs. Here are just a few of the reasons we recommend PPC campaigns to our clients:

  • Show up in search engine results for keywords your company ranks poorly for.
  • Great platform for testing marketing strategies, landing pages, and keywords to judge clicks and conversions.
  • Grants a digital presence in regions where your company has no physical presence.
  • Allows for time sensitive and limited span promotions and sales.
  • Gives insight into the specific keywords necessary for a successful SEO campaign.

PPC provides the flexibility companies need because they can be used as a long term strategy or as a temporary solution.

There are numerous ways we can set up a PPC campaign for your company. Here are some of the options available to you:

  • Text ads on search engine results pages
  • Banner ads on applications and partner sites.
  • Remarketing, Secondary marketing impressions on previous visitors via banner and text ads.

Planning and executing a successful PPC campaign takes specific expertise and a considerable time investment that must be constant and ongoing. Choosing keywords, creating landing pages, ad group arrangement, substantive ad copy writing, and bid determination takes mastery of Google AdWords and Bing Ads as well as in-depth understanding of who you are marketing to and how best to reach that market.

Once the campaign begins, there is no “downtime” as bids need to be modified, keywords must be added or paused, negative keywords have to be incorporated, and conversions monitored. Lift Conversions team of PPC experts can manage the entire process, helping your site achieve higher traffic figures, better conversion rates, and enhanced online presence producing more viable leads. Allow us to help your bottom line by freeing you and your team from these responsibilities!

Do you have a pre-existing PPC campaign set up? Is it run by your team? Is it run by another company? Are you happy with the service and the results? Lift Conversions team of experts are ready to assist you in making positive changes to your campaign. After an evaluation, we will implement any and all changes necessary to improve your results. Under our strategic management, you will find that your costs decrease as your revenues increase. Uncooperative partners and outdated knowledge cost you money, so trust our cutting-edge practices and tried and true expertise to save you time and money.

Welcome to our Google Partners page! All businesses that advertise themselves as being certified by Google must have a page like this on their site, and as our team is certified we include this page with pride. Our Certified AdWords Managers have proven to Google that they are proficient in the Google environment with a thorough working knowledge of PPC marketing. We also specialize in Bing Ads using the Yahoo! Bing network. Spencer Wade, our founder and CEO, is a Google Community Ambassador. This is a very prestigious honor as evidenced by the fact that there are only a few such Ambassadors worldwide. In 2014, Mr. Wade was nominated for the Google “Most Collaborative Partner” award. We believe in collaboration and mutual growth, and look forward to a bright future in partnership with you!

Anyone can join Google Partners, but only trusted agencies can earn Google’s seal of approval and get listed on Google Partner Search, helping generate valuable new leads.

Certifications shows the number of employees who are certified in AdWords, Lift Conversions has 3 in Search, Display & Video. Best Practices measures the overall AdWords performance and customer care we provide to our clients. Spend shows your company’s AdWords spend activity over the last 90 days. All of these are qualifications on becoming a Google partner. Are working with a Google Partner? Today is a great day to start.

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