Lift Conversions November Google My Business Data

Lift Conversions November Google My Business Data

At Lift Conversions, we proudly manage a great many Google My Business listings for clients all over the world. That’s not hyperbole either. We work with companies with only one location all the way up to Aladin Foods with over 60 locations across Bulgaria. These listings are monitored and updated on a regular basis to ensure our clients are getting every possible benefit from GMB and never missing out on a potential customer. That’s management done the right way – the Lift Conversions way.

Let’s take a look at some of the numbers from our clients in November 2017. As you can see, all of our locations are live and generating data every single day. That’s data we can use to refine strategy and better target our other marketing services.

Next, there were over a quarter million views of our client listings in November. That’s almost 10,000 views per day of Lift Conversions managed properties. And, because we’re always striving to improve and help our clients better inform and serve their clients, we anticipate that number rising in the months to come.

Now, take a look at the number of actions generated by our clients’ listings. It’s important to note that reported actions represent only a fraction of the true number. Many people use the information to dial directly instead of clicking to call. They may be on desktop at the time. The biggest takeaway is our clients had over 100 actions taken every single day. That’s a lot of activity from a free listing.

Our final data point is a percentage of the people who’ve seen the listing and used it to complete an action – like visiting their website, calling their business, or getting directions. While the percentage seems low, you have to remember how many users viewed the listing without generating an action as recorded by Google. Literally, thousands of people could’ve seen the listing and used the information outside the system. The thing that matters is how many users were able to find the correct information for all of our clients in a single month – over a quarter million.

As you can clearly see, Lift Conversions Google My Business service is a powerful tool for being discovered online by the customers you need to keep your business growing. It costs less than you might believe and provides an expert at the controls of your listing for the entirety of our working relationship. Reap all the possible benefits from the listing that serves as your digital storefront – Google My Business – with the professionals at Lift Conversions. It could be the best business decision you make all year.