Let’s Put Chicago On The Map – 5-15 Event

Let’s Put Our Cities On The Map with Google has Officially launched and Lift Conversions is an Official Partner in Chicago, Illinois. 

The program is named Get Your Business Online (GYBO) and it could not come at a more perfect time as National Small Business Week kicks off May 4th to May 8th which celebrates small business. This is where GYBO gets involved Partners like Lift Conversions will work to get those businesses checked and Google search verified. This is an important step in guaranteeing your search listing is correct and accurate. 97% of consumers look online for local goods and services. 4 out of 5 consumers use search engines to find local information nearby. And why this is so important is only 37% of business have claimed a local business listing on a search engine.

Now that the Lets Get Our Cities On The Map program has started Google is offering some basic tools to help you started.  Here is an example of what a potential customer might see when they search for your business and these tools help you quickly make the recommended corrections to get your listing current and up to date.

Businesses with complete listings are 2x as likely to be considered reputable

When people search for businesses on Google they see listings like the one below. Make sure your business listing is complete with your hours, phone number, and other info so people are able to reach you. It’s free and easy to do.

Source: Google/Oxera, The Benefits of Complete Business Listings, December 2014

As a Google Partner, Google Partner Ambassador and Local Get Your Business Online Partner, Lift Conversions had the opportunity to participate in a local “Workshop” sponsored by Google; it was May 27th at the Greenhouse Loft 2545 W. Diversey Ave. Chicago, IL 60647. This was a wonderful event that brought local business and partners under one roof to learn and share tips on locals search marketing success.

Google provided a room full of laptops for business to sit down and process their local Google My Business listings. Businesses in attendance were given a handbook to navigate throughout the presentation with step by step tools for verifying your business. There were Google experts on hand to help each business navigate the process. There was even live coaching on other free tools offered by Google to small businesses.
Steps in the process:

  • Check & Verify listing.
  • Add Business data: Hours, Contact, and Mailing.
  • Updating Business Photos.
  • Google Reviews.

This was a great event designed to help small business check verify and succeed. Look out for the next Get Your Business Online Event near you.

Let’s Put Chicago On The Map – 5-15 Event