Reporting & Presentation Tools

Reporting & Presentation Tools


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Whatagraph is a marketing data platform designed to help marketing teams connect, visualize, and share all their marketing data in a single platform.

It essentially bridges the gap between siloed data sources and provides a unified view of your marketing performance across different channels.

Looker Studio

Price: Free

Looker Studio, formerly Google Data Studio, is a free data visualization tool that lets you create interactive dashboards and reports from your data.

It's a drag-and-drop interface with a variety of charts, graphs and other visual elements, making it easy to create custom reports even if you're not a data expert.

Zoho Analytics

Price: Free Plan & Pricing Plans Available

Zoho Analytics is another powerful business intelligence (BI) platform that offers data visualization and reporting capabilities. It offers a variety of chart and graph options, interactive dashboards and more.

They offer a flexible pricing structure aimed at giving the majority of users a package that meets their needs. They also offer a free plan to get your feet wet before you buy.


Price: Free Plan & Pricing Plans Available

Zoho Analytics is another powerful business intelligence (BI) platform that offers data visualization and reporting capabilities. It offers interactive dashboards, custom reports, data blending and transformations and more.

With both a free plan and paid plans available, there’s every reason to check out what HubSpot offers in terms of reporting capabilities.


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Cyfe is another valuable contender in the business intelligence and reporting space. It offers real-time data dashboarding, extensive data integrations, customizable widgets and more.

While Cyfe doesn’t offer a free plan or trial at the time of writing, they do have a Starter package that allows you to access the core features of the platform for a low cost.


Price: Pricing Plans Available

Klipfolio is a platform for building reports and dashboards using cloud data. It caters to both individual users and businesses, offering a range of features and pricing plans to suit various needs.

This is a visually appealing platform for building reports and dashboards. Its self-service BI approach and flexible data integrations make it a valuable tool for businesses of all sizes.


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NinjaCat positions itself as an AI-powered digital marketing performance management platform, focusing on report automation and data unification for agencies, media companies, and brands.

It’s a powerful platform for marketing agencies and brands seeking highly automated reporting and deep data insights. But, its non-transparent pricing and higher cost might deter smaller businesses or those with broader BI needs.


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DashThis is a reporting tool specifically designed for marketers, helping them pull data from various sources, create engaging dashboards, and share insights with clients or colleagues.

DashThis uses a dashboard-based pricing model at time of writing, meaning you pay per dashboard you create. Costs increase based on the number of dashboards you need.


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AgencyAnalytics is a platform specifically designed for marketing agencies to simplify client reporting and automate tasks. It offers a plethora of features aimed at making reporting a simple process.

This is most definitely a valuable tool for marketing agencies seeking to streamline and automate reporting. Its ease of use, agency-focused features and automated capabilities make it a compelling choice.


Price: Pricing Plans Available

TapClicks is a comprehensive marketing intelligence platform that goes beyond just reporting, offering data aggregation, analysis and campaign management capabilities.

TapClicks offers various pricing options based on your specific needs and budget. They do not have a free plan but there Basic plan is affordable for most agencies.


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ReportGarden is a reporting and dashboard platform designed specifically for online advertising agencies. It helps agencies create informative reports for clients, pulling data from multiple advertising platforms and presenting it in a clear and concise way.

It’s a great tool for online advertising agencies looking to streamline client reporting and create stunning, data-driven reports. Its ease of use, agency-focused features and automated capabilities make it an excellent choice.


Price: Free Trial & Pricing Plans Available

WhatConverts allows users to gain insights into marketing performance through detailed reports and dashboards, including call recordings, lead data and ROI calculations.

Its comprehensive tracking capabilities, user-friendly interface and detailed reporting make it a valuable tool for understanding marketing performance and making data-driven decisions.


Price: Pricing Plans Available is a KPI reporting tool designed for freelancers, in-house SEOs, digital marketing agencies, and web analysts.

It tracks key performance indicators from various marketing channels, like Google Analytics, Ads, Search Console, Ahrefs, Facebook, SEMrush, and create customized dashboards and reports.


Price: Pricing Plans Available

DashClicks allows you to create visually appealing dashboards and reports to track key metrics and gain insights into your marketing campaigns.

They offer a unique “one price, all features" approach. This means you get access to all of the platform's features for a single monthly fee, regardless of how many tools you use.


Price: Pricing Plans Available

Brand24 is a social listening and media monitoring platform that helps you track online conversations about your brand, competitors, and industry. It offers excellent visual dashboards you can use to prove ROI.

Brand24 offers four main pricing tiers, each with different mention limits, features, and user access. Check it out and see if any plan meets your specific needs.


Price: Pricing Plans Available

Sprout Social offers robust reporting capabilities for social media management, catering to brands, agencies, and individual users.

Its reporting capabilities are well-suited for anyone wanting a comprehensive view of social media performance across various platforms. Its multiple pricing tiers offer flexibility for different needs and budgets.


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Socialbakers offers a powerful platform for social media intelligence and reporting, catering to brands, agencies, and large enterprises.

It goes beyond basic reporting to provide deep insights and competitive analysis, helping you optimize your social media strategies and track progress towards your goals.


Price: Free Plan & Pricing Plans Available

WordStream offers dedicated reporting tools for managing and analyzing your Google Ads and Microsoft Ads campaigns. It offers performance dashboards, customizable reports, automated report generation and more.

It offers a range of features to help analyze performance, optimize campaigns and improve PPC ROI. The tiered pricing makes it accessible for just about anyone, starting with a free plan for basic needs.


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Acquisio is a comprehensive platform offering search marketing, display advertising and data-driven insights to help businesses manage, optimize and report on their advertising campaigns.

It caters to businesses and agencies who require sophisticated PPC and programmatic buying management combined with advanced reporting and data-driven insights. Their AI-powered solutions and custom pricing approach ensure tailored solutions for specific needs.


Price: Free Plan & Pricing Plans Available

Databox is a platform that focuses on creating visually appealing and data-driven reports and dashboards from various marketing data sources.

It simplifies data visualization and empowers you to track key performance indicators (KPIs) and gain insights into your marketing performance.


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Swydo is a cloud-based platform that helps businesses visualize, manage, and monitor their marketing campaigns through a centralized portal.

It simplifies data analysis by providing pre-built templates and reports, while also offering customization options for specific needs.


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MetricsWatch is a platform designed to simplify the collection, integration and reporting of marketing data from various sources. It creates a centralized hub for marketing insights, reducing the need for manual data aggregation.

Its focus lies in streamlining data collection and providing a centralized dashboard for insights. While it doesn't offer advanced analytics or BI capabilities, it's a cost-effective option for those who prioritize ease of use and data integration.

Report Ninja

Price: Pricing Plans Available

Report Ninja is a platform specifically designed for creating automated reports for paid advertising campaigns across Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, Facebook Ads, and Instagram Ads.

It focuses on simplifying reporting tasks and providing insights to optimize campaign performance. They have a range of pricing options available so give the site a look and see if it works for you.


Price: Free Plan & Pricing Plans Available

Octoboard is a data analytics and visualization platform that helps businesses create live dashboards and reports from various sources, including customizable dashboards, pre-built reports and more.

Its strong focus on real-time data, customizable dashboards and wide range of data connections makes it a powerful tool for monitoring performance and gaining insights across different aspects of your business.


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Pathmatics, now owned by Sensor Tower, is a comprehensive ad intelligence platform that provides insights into the world of online advertising across various digital channels.

It empowers businesses and agencies to analyze competitor strategies, track trends and optimize their own digital advertising efforts.


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Megalytic is a reporting and dashboarding platform designed to help you turn your marketing data into visually appealing and insightful reports and dashboards.

It focuses on user-friendliness and flexibility, allowing you to easily create custom reports for internal use or client presentations.


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RepoziX isn't just a basic reporting tool, it's a content marketing platform focused on repurposing existing content across multiple channels using AI technology.

By analyzing your content performance and audience engagement, it recommends which pieces to repurpose, suggests formats and platforms for optimized reach and provides analytics to track results.


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Domo isn't just a simple reporting tool; it's a comprehensive data experience platform designed for large enterprises with complex data needs.

It focuses on integrating disparate data sources, providing visual and interactive data experiences, and empowering various departments with self-service analytics.


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ClickCease isn't primarily a reporting platform, but rather a brand protection and anti-click fraud service. Reporting is something it offers on top of everything else.

While it generates reports on identified trademark infringements and click fraud activity, its core focus lies in mitigating those threats rather than delivering comprehensive data analysis and visualization.

Growth Nirvana

Price: Pricing Plans Available

Growth Nirvana is a platform specifically designed for analyzing performance and building reports for paid advertising campaigns across various platforms, including Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, Facebook Ads, and Instagram Ads.

It simplifies reporting tasks, delivers data insights, and helps optimize campaign performance. They offer a range of pricing plans so check them out and see if it’s for you.

Disclaimer: We've curated this marketing toolbox, but every project requires a unique touch. Don't just follow blueprints, build your marketing masterpiece with your own vision!