Google Home Services

Google Home Services

Google Search is a powerful tool for so many different things we need to do in our everyday lives. None of these is as important, at least in the moment, as finding a trustworthy, reliable home service professional when you need one. So, Google has taken a giant leap forward to help people in just such a circumstance by creating Google Home Services.

Google Home Services puts dependable plumbers, locksmiths, maid services, and much more right at the fingertips of people looking for those specific services. While currently only available in a limited area, these ads do exactly what home service providers need them to do, get their information in front of those who want it, and allow them to complete the process by booking the service.

Google describes their new program as their way of giving home service providers the chance to be, “Top of Search, Top of Mind”. There’s no doubt that being atop the Search results can do wonders for your business – especially when that business is service-based. It’s one of the best ways around to attract new customers and because they can book your service without additional steps, you should see a major surge in business with very little expenditure required.

Google’s new Home Service unit will show at the top of the page ensuring your service will be prominently displayed at the top of the page along with others in your vertical. Every time someone searches for a service like yours you’ll be shown before any informational results, so your chances of being selected are already significantly improved. That benefit alone is worth whatever effort it takes.

Google’s Home Services unit is more than just a place to showcase providers of home services. It’s Google saying that the provider has passed all of the qualifying criteria they have in place to ensure only honest and trustworthy businesses are displayed. Think of it as a badge of trust from Google that each and every business that’s given space deserves because of their excellent track record of service.

Not only does your inclusion in the unit mean that Google has vetted you and found you satisfactory, but it also means that all of your positive reviews will be shown right alongside your business information. This is easily one of the best ways to finalize a sale – after all, there’s no better recommendation than your last customer. Again, this is a game-changer for service businesses.

For years, agencies have been working with home service businesses in an attempt to get them listed high up on the Google search engine results pages (SERPs). These efforts have consistently focused on SEO and PPC to get the results the businesses were after, but, and small business owners can understand this, some home service businesses operate on margins so small it’s difficult to pay the AdWords bill or continue with an SEO strategy built around an algorithm that could change at any time.

Now, with Google Home Services, these businesses have a real chance to use Google to in a way they’ve only dreamed of before. Google’s own words – more leads, less effort – is exactly right. There’s also the Google Guarantee which assures customers that every home service business has been pre-screened, is licensed for their purpose, and carries an insurance policy covering their work. Add all that to the polished, informative profile they give the home service provider and you have a recipe for greater success than most could imagine.

The new Google Home Services program will change the ways home service providers do business forever. Gone are the days of hoping the algorithm doesn’t change, worrying over the AdWords bill, and trusting your business’ future to processes you truly don’t understand. Now, all it takes is having an honest history and the requisite licensing and insurance to get your business to the top of the heap. There really is no downside and, potentially, your business could reach heights you’ve only dreamed of until now. So, sign up and get started. Otherwise, your competition will get there first.