Google My Business Posts Service: Lift Conversions’ Amazing Results

As an agency founded by a Google Top Contributor, we’re keenly aware of the power Google has to alter the fate of business – no matter the size or industry. With a whopping 80% of internet searches taking place using their engine, there’s no getting around the fact that they’re the heavyweight champion of web search and have the potential for leading more and more people to the front doors of your business, so not taking advantage of every possible avenue they offer to better your search results is just craziness – especially since many of their services are free of charge.

Lift Conversions currently manages hundreds of Google My Business listings for clients all over the world. These client do business in over 40 verticals and in five separate languages, but they all have one thing in common – a marketing partner with an eye to the future. Being a Google Partner, we got to know Google My Business’ new feature “GMB Posts” before the public knew it was coming and knew immediately it would pay dividends for our clients. We couldn’t have guessed just how big those dividends would be.

Let’s take a look at several clients reporting on their Posts activity for a specific timetable. You may or may not know that you can extend the life of a Post by making promotions that last for up to 60 days, so some of these numbers are for longer periods than others. Each will be identified as it’s displayed. So, without further ado:

Client #1

Our first client is an insurance agency. They’re affiliated with the largest advertiser in the marketplace and use our AdWords service to drive leads to their business. That strategy has been in place and working well for over 3 years, but we wanted to try to differentiate this client from the large number of other agencies in their space. Due to the corporate content guidelines governing their website and social media accounts, the only outlet for separation was Google My Business. We created Posts geared toward reviewing policies for potential customers and it’s worked exceptionally well.

As you can see, these promotions have generated over 2,000 views apiece. Even better, the link provided inside the post takes the user directly to the agency’s information – separate from the competition in their parent company. In short, it’s done what the corporate guidelines have, to date, made impossible. It’s given this agency a unique voice – their voice – with which to speak to the public.

Client #2

Our next client is a roofing company located in a major metropolitan area. They rely on a mixture of AdWords, SEO, and email marketing to stay ahead of their competition and have a stellar reputation stretching back 20 years. In short, they’re the perfect client. When Posts became available, we got right to work crafting promotional content for their listing. These Posts are each a unique opportunity for potential customers and stand as real values in this particular market. Needless to say, the public has responded.

The numbers don’t lie (and neither would we). Our client has seen an incredible amount of traffic and seen business increase steadily as the Posts have been live. Even better, the Posts are basically successful advertisements that provide additional, valuable, actionable analytical data used to improve efforts across the board. Any business owner would be thrilled to see their Posts have been viewed by a large number of people, but how would they feel when they see that number is almost 30,000? We can tell you since we were there – they were pleased.

Client #3

Lastly, we want to share one more Google Posts success story. This one is special to us as the client came to us for help when things were down. With time, effort, and cooperation we were able to turn things around using a range of digital services – from AdWords to Local SEO. As we had already written all of the content for the site, we crafted Posts we felt would bring him the needed business and be as evergreen as possible to keep update costs at a minimum. We’re happy to say the strategy worked better than even we believed it would and the numbers are mind-boggling given the client’s industry – junk removal.

Your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you. These Posts have reached an astounding 45,000 users in their time online. That means 45,000 people have taken the time to look into a junk removal promotion due to our work. If even 1% of those people made the connection and hired our client, that’s 450 new leads directly from their business listing and all for less than most would believe possible.

Think about it. Google is offering you more real estate. What are you going to do with it? You know what we can do, so why not leave this to the professionals and get the same results our other clients expect? If that sounds good to you, we’re just a click or call away. | | Chicago (773) 419-3636 | Denver (303) 332-6012