Google Alerts

Google Alerts

Stay updated on the go with Google Alerts!

Ever miss out on the latest news, trends, or updates about your passions? Google Alerts has your back. It's a free tool that sends you email notifications whenever Google finds fresh content related to keywords you choose. No more endless scrolling – with Alerts, the information comes to you!

Setting up your Alert is simple:

  • Head to Google Alerts: Visit
  • Pick your keywords:In the “Create an alert about" box, type your chosen keywords or phrases.
  • Fine-tune your preferences: Click “Show options" to refine your Alert. Choose how often you receive updates (as it happens, daily, weekly, etc.), the types of sources you want (news, blogs, videos, etc.), the language, and even the region.
  • Hit “Create Alert" and relax:You're all set! Google will search the web and keep you informed whenever relevant content pops up.

Bonus tip: Use the “+" symbol next to suggested topics on the Google Alerts page to quickly create Alerts for trending subjects or related keywords.

Google Alerts lets you:

  • Track industry news and competitor updates.
  • Stay informed about your favorite hobbies and interests.
  • Monitor mentions of your brand, name, or company.
  • Discover breaking news and trending topics.

No more FOMO, just fresh info delivered straight to your inbox. Give Google Alerts a try and stay ahead of the curve!


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