Getting Technical: Cloud OnBoard

Getting Technical: Cloud OnBoard Chicago #NowICan. The ups and downs of agency ownership can be quite the wild ride for many including myself. Every day, every person on staff and every single customer is looking to you for approval, expertise, and even inspiration. It can be a lot of responsibility to bear every day, so many of us who reside in the big office look for ways to change up our daily routine. This is where being in on Google’s goings-on really pays off. They offer a great many ways to get out of the office while still improving business through continuing education and networking with the people in the industry who drive change. It’s a win-win.

Today, I’m spending my day at #GoogleCloudOnBoard in Chicago with a great many tech-minded people. We’re here to get insight and training on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) from some of the brightest minds at Google and I can’t wait for the technical demonstrations to begin. No matter what your position – IT Manager, System Engineer, Ops Professional, Developer, Business Leader – there’s definitely something here for you, so find the details for the event in your city and make sure you show up. There’s a Certificate involved, too, and who doesn’t love a certificate?