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  • Learn how you can benefit: Evaluate G Suite in detail.
  • Improve ROI: Increase productivity and reduce fixed costs.
  • Why businesses have switched: 58% of Fortune 500 are using G Suite solutions.
  • A few businesses who’ve switched: Over 5 million businesses have gone Google.

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Asking the right questions is the key

  1. What email platform do you use? Do you have owned or leased servers?
  2. Why don’t you have an email with your own domain?
  3. Have you considered the benefits if your email was @mycompany.com?
  4. Does your company have problem of spam, data loss or instability in the
    connection of your email?
  5. Does your company have a cloud storage solution?
  6. Would you like to ensure the safety of your data?
  7. Do your employees waste lot of time performing IT tasks?
  8. Would you like to have the IT services of a big company without investing in
    infrastructure or maintenance?
  9. Are there communication failures among your employees?
  10. Would you like to give your team tools to increase productivity and effectiveness?
  11. Does your company have employees working in the field or working from home
    and need to keep in constant communication?
  12. Do your employees use an online calendar that can update in real time to organize
    their activities?
  13. Would you like access to your documents or email your company from anywhere
    and from any device, even when traveling?
  14. Do you need to have control of changes and make edits to important documents?
  15. Does your company need large storage capacity?