Free Digital Marketing Tools

Free Digital Marketing Tools

There are so many marketing tools available today, and, while some may cost for use, there are a number of excellent free tools you can use to help your business grow. Many companies have a hard time deciding which tool fits their needs, so below you will find a list of tools with brief descriptions that may help narrow down your choices.

These tools can be found online for free, or for a slight fee some offer an upgraded version of their tool with more functionality, and cover the entire field of digital marketing: from events to social media. We put together this list using other lists compiled for the public to use, and we wish to thank the people who put together these tools as well as the companies that developed them.

Digital marketing, especially to the beginner, can seem overly complicated. But, with the right tools and training your business can accomplish anything. Take some time to try these tools out for yourself, and remember the answers to almost any question can be found with some effort and a good search. So, pick the tool or tools that you think may help your efforts, and start learning how digital marketing can change your whole way of doing business.

Content Creation & Curation

Piktochart is an easy-to-use tool that allows users to create infographics, presentations, posters, and other visual content with a drag-and-drop interface.

Canva is a free visual content creation tool used to create visuals for everything from social media graphics to blog graphics to business cards.

Triberr is a platform for content sharing and influencer marketing. As a content creator, you can use Triberr to share content with fellow content creators and join groups focused on specific interests and topics. As an agency, Triberr allows you to conduct influencer marketing campaigns. You can create a campaign for influencers to apply to, set a budget, digital assets, goals, and more. Triberr is a free tool, but influencer(s) will have to be paid for participation.

Listly is a free platform for sharing and curating lists on any topic. Other users can follow your lists and upvote their favorites to higher positions.

Apester is a free tool used to create interactive content like quizzes. This is an excellent way to liven up content marketing.


Instagram Video is a free tool that allows users to shoot video directly from the app for use on Instagram. It comes with the normal features you’re familiar with from Instagram picture uploads plus a choice of ratio and a full 60 seconds to create with. You can also upload and trim existing video for use.

Powtoon is a free tool that allows users to create animated marketing videos, explainers, animated infographics, and even videos and presentations you can share internally within your company. The free version allows you to create videos up to five minutes long with a watermark and an outro.

WeVideo is a free online video editing and collaboration tool that includes cloud storage, a music library, and editing-on-the-go with the mobile app. The free version allows users to create five minutes of video in 720p with watermark.

Wistia is a free option for business video hosting. It gives detailed analytics, heat maps, and engagement graphs that show exactly how users have interacted with a video. The free version supports three videos, but you can upgrade for $10 a month to a paid option which allows much greater usage.

Social Media

Hootsuite is a social media management tool that allows users to manage and coordinate multiple social media networks, schedule posts, track analytics, and track keywords and hashtags with its Streams feature. The free version will connect up to three accounts, and the premium version gives users access to more features and greater connectivity.

socialmention is a tool that allows you to search any word, phrase, or hashtag to find where it’s being used on the internet. It covers blogs, bookmarks, images, videos, and social media. You can even see whether it’s being used in a positive or negative context, its level of reach, and if it is being mentioned repeatedly.

TweetReach is a tool for analyzing the reach of usernames, hashtags, and keywords, estimating the number of impressions made, and how many individual accounts it has reached. The free version only allows users to snapshot the last 100 tweets, so you will need to take multiple snapshots to get a more detailed picture, or you can upgrade to the premium version for unlimited tracking.

Simply Measured is a free tool that creates reports you can use to analyze social media accounts. It offers a Social Traffic Analysis that works with Google Analytics to give an overview of a site’s traffic in an easily understandable format.

Socioboard is a free tool designed to help businesses and brands with lead generation, customer support, marketing, and engagement. It allows for a range of accounts to be linked and managed from a central dashboard. The free version offers scheduling features, CRM, and reporting tools for up to 5 profiles.

General Sales & Marketing

SumoMe offers a free version with a broad set of marketing tools including an email scroll box, image sharer, content analytics, contact form, and more. The premium version is $20 a month and gives access to additional features like A/B testing.

Sniply is a tool that lets users create custom calls to action (CTAs) that can be added to any page that supports iframes.

Cyfe is a dashboard for managing your online business tools. It uses widgets that you can add that control everything from SEO and social media tools to advertising and email tools. The free version gives you control of up to 5 widgets, and the premium version gives you much, much more for only $19 a month.

Hubspot is a free to use inbound marketing software platform. It gives you the ability to build email templates, create a shared library of sales content and documents, Gmail and Outlook integration, schedule email, and much more. It also comes with a free Customer Relationship Manager (CRM). Hubspot offers their premium service for $50 per person per month.

Ampervize is the answer to the beginning digital marketer’s questions. Based on a few simple answers you provide about your business, Ampervize will create a report recommending the best marketing providers and the specific marketing areas you should focus on.

Email Marketing

Boomerang is a free app for email management. It works with Gmail, Outlook, and Android. Boomerang integrates with your inbox interface adding email scheduling, read receipts, snoozing, and follow-up reminders. New features are being developed all the time, like the new AI assistant, and released to the public.

Klaviyo Email marketing software designed to send out personalized, targeted emails, Klaviyo is free to use for up to 250 contacts and 500 email sends. It also comes with A/B testing tools, segmentation, integrations, and a drag-and-drop responsive email creator.

Structured Data Markup Helper is a type of structured data markup that enables some great interactive marketing features. Google’s Structured Data Markup Helper does all the work for you, so all you have to do is highlight the pertinent part of your email and select from the drop-down menu to mark it up.

MailChimp is a free tool that allows users to have up to 2,000 subscribers and send 12,000 emails a month. This is perfect for newsletters, built-in signup forms, templates, and data insights that compare your efforts to those in your industry.

Hiver is an email collaboration tool that helps you work more efficiently using shared accounts. You can track tasks, write notes, assign emails, access shared mailboxes, and mark emails completed when finished. The free version supports up to 3 users, and the premium version allows much larger teams of users for only $6 per month.


Lanyrd is a social discovery platform for professional events. It allows both publishing of your own events and finding other events to network, learn, and make contacts. Attendees can share slides, podcasts, and videos after the event, and Lanyrd’s remote tracking allows anyone who couldn’t make it to participate remotely.

AppsGeyser is a free tool that allows users to create an Android app. These apps can be used for any purpose, but they work especially well as one-use apps that keep your attendees connected without a large expenditure on your part.

SlideShare is a free tool that allows users to save and share presentation slides after the event. This is an excellent way to share your event with a wider business audience.

HelloSign is a free tool that helps users get event contracts, as well as other types of contracts, signed by requesting electronic signatures from up to 20 people. SSL encryption keeps your documents safe, and the tool sends out an email copy to all the signatories for their records. The free version only allows three documents per month from a single user. Paid versions begin at $13 per month and give users a 30-day free trial!

Eventbrite is a free event hosting platform that gives users the ability to create an event, invite attendees, manage registrations and tickets, and promote your event to a much wider audience. The platform is free to use as long as the event you’re hosting is free too. If you’re charging a ticket price there is a fairly low fee that can easily be passed on to attendees as part of the event registration cost.


Google Analytics is completely free and indispensable to your analytics toolbox. Google’s amazing all-in-one dashboard gives insights into traffic sources, pageviews, SEO, demographics, social media, and so much more. This is a must have for any agency!

Bitly is a free link-shortening and tracking tool. It constantly monitors traffic and referrals via custom links and displays detailed analytics regarding clicks, location, activity over time, referring websites, and more.

Buzzsumo is a free content analysis tool that displays a breakdown of social shares for content published to a domain. This allows users to identify the most popular and shareable content for your industry, and find out on which network the content works best. The paid version allows users to see who is sharing their content, and gives insight into backlinks and influencers.

SimilarWeb is a tool that gives users insights into their competitors. You can find stats on any website using the free search tool including the site’s global rank, its rank within its borders, and within its respective category. It also gives data on traffic by country, search and referral traffic, and so much more.

Gethoneybadger is a Google Chrome extension that works seamlessly with SimilarWeb to pull in analytics on a specific website and display the results in a small window in the upper corner of your screen.

Quill Engage is a free tool that provides reports to explain your Google Analytics data in layman’s terms. The free reporting can be set to weekly or monthly.


Google Search Console is free to setup and use for your website, and is a must for webmasters everywhere. It allows you to monitor your site performance, identify issues, submit content to be crawled, check mobile friendliness, view specific searches that brought traffic to your site, and much, much more.

Yoast SEO Plugin for WordPress is completely free and helps with SEO management and optimization. It can be used to set templates for titles and meta descriptions (and optimize them), enter focus keywords, and fine-tune almost anything else you like in your Google listing.

SEO SiteCheckup This is an excellent tool for checking the health of your website’s SEO for free. Using a perfect score of 100, SiteCheckup will score your site and produce an extensive free report on keyword usage, images, backlink authority, and much more.

Screaming Frog SEO Spider Tool offers a free desktop app you can install on your PC, Mac, or Linux machine that crawls websites and analyzes them for common SEO issues. The free version will work for up to 500 URLs, or you can buy an annual license for $130 per year. This paid version comes with a set of advanced configuration options the free version does not have.

Google’s Mobile Friendly and Speed Test Tool will analyze and test your site for mobile friendliness and speed issues. It will then advise you on the best ways to fix your issues. This is an excellent resource to have in the new mobile-everything world we live in, and best of all its absolutely free!