Drone Video & Photography Services

Drone Video & Photography Services

Lift Conversions has long recognized the marketing value of digital imagery. We have spent years advocating for the inclusion of high-resolution imagery in all of the web properties we work on, so when drones became available to the public for recreational and commercial use, we immediately purchased units for our own use. These assets have helped our clients achieve new levels of expression and given us the ability to shoot almost any image our clients can conceive.

Why Choose Drone Media?

The marketplace gets more competitive every single day and it gets more difficult to stand out from the crowd. So, what does a business do to get attention without breaking the bank? One simple answer – hire Lift Conversions to produce a stunning, dramatic drone video for your website or other marketing efforts. There is no doubt that a high-angle, unique perspective image has more impact than a ground-level shot. Anything you can do to catch someone unaware will stay with them long after other images have faded.

Lift Conversions Professional Approach

A video or still image shoot with Lift Conversions drone pilots can go a long way toward making the kind of impression you’re looking for, and can be accomplished for less than you would imagine. We provide all the tools – all you have to do is give us your perfect shot. Then just sit back and watch our drone pilots handle all of the flying. Before you know it, you’ll have a stunning marketing centerpiece for your website, your social media platforms, and any other digital venue you can find. The video and imagery we produce is yours to do with as you please.

What You Get When We Fly

  • Dramatic, Impactful Imagery.
  • Eye-Catching, High-Altitude Video.
  • Real “Above It All” Views of Any Structure.
  • “You Name It – We Frame It” Video/Imagery Skills.
  • Up to 12 High-Resolution Aerial Images.
  • Up to 90-Second Aerial Video.
  • Professional Editing & Mixing Capabilities.

Commercial Drone FAA License: FA34X3KFF7