DMA ECHO Awards: Last Chance to Enter

DMA ECHO Awards: Last Chance to Enter

For years, the Data & Marketing Association, or DMA, has put on their DMA ECHO Awards which highlight the best and brightest throughout a wide range of categories. These awards are all about recognizing strategies that innovate, creativity that inspires, and results that are coveted throughout the world of business. It’s not just a trophy. It’s much, much more.

This year, Spencer Wade, the Founder of Lift Conversions (and our beloved leader), has been chosen to be a judge for this auspicious event and will base his selections off the criteria that have made the ECHO Awards the envy of all others – strategy, creativity, and results.

With direction from the Board of Governors (BOG), and plenty of enthusiasm for all of the submissions to come, Spencer understands the responsibility of his position. He told us, “It’s a great honor to have the chance to see all this great work, not only as a judge, but as a real fan of the creativity and energy it took to create it all. The process – that’s what I love, and this is the perfect venue to identify revolutionary processes. I’m pretty excited for the festivities to begin.”

The deadline for submitting your campaigns has been extended to July, 2nd 2017. There were so many submissions this year, and so many more that were coming in at the last minute, the BOG decided to push the envelope in an effort aimed at allowing as many entrants access as possible.

After all, we’re looking for the best of the best, and each new addition just increases the honor bestowed upon the eventual winner. If you or your team believes your work can measure up, please submit your campaigns before the deadline to have your shot at taking home the coveted prize – a 2017 DMA ECHO Award.