Data USA: Public Data Done Right

Data USA: Public Data Done Right: As a marketer, you’re constantly on the lookout for good sources of information you can use to better craft the solutions you offer to clients. Sometimes, the best that search has to offer isn’t good enough and you don’t have time to dig through print media for bonafide numbers that provide statistical value. So, we end up paying for services to supply us with information we’re too pressed for time to aggregate on our own. If you’re like me, that’s just like throwing money away.

Because of my inability to accept paying for something I felt should be easily attainable, I kept digging until I found the jackpot of legitimate, reliable data on every conceivable city and region. But, it’s more than that. It’s the ultimate visualization of data. And it can be found, and used absolutely free, at Yes, Data USA, a coming together of MIT brilliance, government policy that works, and private enterprise interested in fostering a more educated marketplace, actually took information that we, as taxpayers and citizens, paid to accumulate in the course of government business and turned it into something for anyone and everyone to use as they see fit.

The interface on the site is simple to use and gives you access to more useful, dynamic data than you would believe possible without a login or purchase offer. This is real data derived from verifiable, legitimate sources and all of it compiled and conveniently displayed in such a way as to make insights not only possible but probable. There’s even a comparison function so you can view specific information about two locations in the same graph without losing any functionality. Really, no matter what data you’re looking for about a city or region, this is a tool you should turn to every single time. You might be surprised at what you learn.