Our digital marketing agency prioritizes delivering optimal results to clients over everything else, evident in our partnerships and team certifications.
  • Our digital marketing agency prioritizes delivering optimal results to clients over everything else, evident in our partnerships and team certifications.
  • Led by a Google Product Expert Alum in Search and Google Ads, our team holds certifications showcasing expertise in their respective fields.

Microsoft Advertising Partner

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Google Partner
Lift Conversions, an agency founded and led by one of the original Google Ads Top Contributors globally, is a committed Google Partner. With a wealth of expertise in Google Ads, we can help you successfully grow your business on the world’s largest search engine. We avoid long-term contracts, opting for month-to-month agreements, because we believe letting ROI speak for itself is paramount to successful partnerships. We're confident this ROI-centric approach will persuade you to stay with our team for the long run.
Microsoft Partner - Bing Accredited
While not the largest or most prominent search engine out there today, Bing holds a significant role in any successful marketing strategy. Comprising around 20% of the search engine-user market, Bing attracts a distinctive audience with disposable income. As a business owner, it's an excellent opportunity to explore. You never know, your target audience might be there, and Lift Conversions can assist in finding them for you. We are accredited by Microsoft, and our team includes a host of Bing Insiders ready to turn their expertise with the platform into massive successes for your business!
Grow with Google Partner
Since our agency's inception, we've actively participated in Google's Get Your Business Online (GYBO) Program, now known as Grow with Google. Our Founder believes in the crucial role of spreading awareness about online business listings to brick-and-mortar businesses throughout the US and Canada. We consistently support their events, playing diverse roles as needed – from assisting businesses with Google My Business sign-ups to emphasizing the significance of digital advertising with Ads to boost foot traffic. In essence, our pride stems from being a dedicated GYBO Partner.
Amazon Business Services
As an Amazon Business Services Partner, Lift Conversions aims to assist clients in discovering top-notch products across a wide range of curated categories – including technology and software. While we specialize in auditing, designing and building Amazon stores and hold Shopify certification, this partnership focuses on providing clients with detailed purchasing information related to their operations or marketing efforts. It's another avenue through which Lift Conversions strives to empower clients in optimizing their budgets effectively.
White-label Partnerships
Lift Conversions serves as a white label service provider for various partners in the marketing industry. We manage everything from Google Ads to content writing at a preset percentage of the fees charged. This has enabled agencies across the country, from Miami to San Francisco, to enhance their revenue streams while upholding the highest standards. Reach out to our office locations in Chicago or Westminster to discover more about our white label partnerships. You can also use our contact form, specifying your desired service and preferred call time(s).
Shopify Partner
The advent of the internet gave rise to ecommerce, and Shopify has been a pivotal player in that arena since its inception. Lift Conversions, certified as a Shopify Partner and an expert in their system, can construct your ecommerce site at a more affordable rate than you might have imagined. That means initiating an ecommerce business has become feasible for anyone with a quality product, a drop shipping arrangement, and a Shopify-based ecommerce store crafted by Lift Conversions. The consultation is free, ensuring there's no risk in having a conversation.

Google Ads Product Expert

Our founder, Spencer Wade, was named a Google Product Expert in their Google Ads Product Forum. He has since accepted alumni status in the program as he focuses on Lift Conversions.

Search Product Expert Alum

Rounding out Lift Conversions Product Expert titles, our CEO was a Google Web Search Platinum Product Expert – as named by Google. He has since accepted alumni status.

Platinum TC & Mentor Alum

On top of his titles, Spencer Wade – our founder and CEO, was a Google Mentor to Product Expert candidates. He also served as a moderator for Google’s own Advertiser’s Community.

Google Ads Ambassador

Our Founder was once the Google Ads Ambassador North America, a title that made him a face of the Product Expert program and provided a unique perspective on the Google ecosystem.
Google Certifications
The Lift Conversions team is certified in all relevant Google products, spanning from Ads to Google Analytics.
Google Certifications
Our team, responsible for setting up and managing Bing Ads campaigns, possess all relevant Bing certifications. We are accredited!
Shopify Partner
We construct Shopify ecommerce sites, having undergone testing, demonstrated proficiency and earned the designation of partner!
Shopify Partner