From our agency partnerships to the certifications held by our team members, everything we do is aimed at delivering the best possible results to our clients.
  • We maintain relationships with the biggest names in our industry – Google Partner, Bing-Accredited, Shopify Partner, and Amazon Business Services.
  • Our team members, led by a Google Top Contributor, hold all of the relevant certifications to prove their expertise in their respective fields.

Microsoft Advertising Partner

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Google Partners
As an agency founded and led by one of only a handful of AdWords Top Contributors worldwide, a title bestowed by Google itself, Lift Conversions is a dedicated Google Partner agency with the expertise in AdWords you need to successfully grow your business on the world’s largest and most powerful engine. And, we don’t use long-term contracts to lock you into something you don’t understand. We offer month-to-month service agreements and let ROI speak for itself. We’re confident it will convince you to stay on with our team.
Microsoft Partner - Bing Accredited
Though it may not be the biggest, nor the most important, search engine in the land, it still has its place in any successful marketing campaign. Bing, while making up around 20% of the market, offers a very unique audience. Bing users tend to fall into several categories – all with disposable income – so it’s a great place for any business to test the waters. You never know, the people you need may be there waiting and Lift Conversions can help. We’re accredited by Bing and have Bing Insiders on staff!
Grow with Google (Official Partner)
As an agency, we’ve been involved with Google’s Get Your Business Online (GYBO) Program since our very first year. Now called Grow with Google. Our Founder has always felt it was vital for our agency team to get out into the community to spread the word of the importance of online business listings to brick-and-mortar businesses across Chicago. We’ve always been there to support their events with our agency team and play whatever role they require at the time. From helping business owners get signed up for Google My Business to explaining the importance of digital advertising with AdWords to driving more traffic through their doors. In short, we’re very proud of our status as a GYBO Partner.
Amazon Business Services
Lift Conversions is an Amazon Business Services Partner in an effort to help our clients find the best available products in a range of categories. And, while we do design and build Amazon stores, and are Shopify-Certified, this partnership is devoted to ensuring that all of the clients who work with us are given specific purchasing information where needed for items related to their operations or marketing their business. It’s just another way Lift Conversions tries to help clients make the most of their available budgets.
White-label Partnerships
Lift Conversions is also a white label service provider to a wide range of partners in the marketing industry. From AdWords to content writing, we handle whatever is needed at a preset percentage of the fees charged. It’s allowed agencies from Miami to San Francisco to increase their revenue streams while maintaining the highest standards. Call either of our office locations, Chicago (773) 419-3636 or Westminster (303) 332-6012, to learn more about our white label partnerships or use our helpful contact form and include your desired service and preferred call time(s).
Shopify Partner
The birth of the internet gave rise to ecommerce and Shopify has been an integral player in that arena ever since. Lift Conversions is a Shopify Partner certified as an expert in their system and can build your ecommerce site for far less than you ever thought possible. It really has become possible for anyone to start an ecommerce business with a good product, a drop shipping arrangement, and an ecommerce store on Shopify’s platform built by Lift Conversions. The consultation is free, so you risk nothing by having a conversation. Call our Chicago office at (773) 419-3636, our Westminster office at (303) 332-6012, or email us at

AdWords Product Expert

Our founder, Spencer Wade, has been named a Google Product Expert in their AdWords Product Forum. This is a title given to only a handful of AdWords experts worldwide!

Search Product Expert

Rounding on Lift Conversions Product Expert titles, our CEO is, and has been for years, a Google Web Search Platinum Product Expert – as named by Google. That’s a TC trifecta!

Google+ Product Expert

Our principal strategist holds the title of Google+ Product Expert. This title makes him one of the only people in the world with Product Expert titles in all three of Google’s core products.

Platinum TC & Mentor

On top of his titles, Spencer Wade – our founder and CEO, is a Google Mentor to Product Expert candidates. He also serves as a moderator for Google’s own Advertiser’s Community.
Google Certifications
The Lift Conversions team holds all relevant Google product certifications – from AdWords to Google Analytics.
Google Certifications
Team members who setup and manage all of our Bing Ads campaigns hold all of Bing’s relevant certifications. We’re accredited!
Shopify Partner
We build ecommerce sites on Shopify’s platform. We’ve been tested, demonstrated proficiency, and named a partner!
Shopify Partner