Cracking the Code: City Zips Made Simple

When you work in search marketing, and specifically in AdWords, you’re going to find yourself hunting down zip codes on a pretty regular basis. Sure, you can pay for interactive maps that will do the job, but how much of your profits are going for that resource? How easy is it to use? If you’ve had experiences like we have, then you know they’re great up until they aren’t. And, that aren’t comes much sooner than many expect.

While zips may not be an issue for some, especially those in states with large zips and low populations, when you work in and around the major urban centers in the US, you’re going to find zip code maps to be extremely important. They give you targeting data you can use to wall off unwanted areas of certain suburbs, or only look to serve ads to a downtown office block. Most wouldn’t even realize that some buildings have their own zips if it weren’t for a map. But, again, how much should you pay for something like that?

Well, thanks to Google, you no longer have to. Now, you can simply type in the city, town, or even neighborhood and Google will display the zips for you in a convenient spot at the top of the SERP. Using this information, in tandem with Google’s own add/exclude feature will give you the precise targeting control you want without shelling out a dime to get it. That’s helpful, actionable data for nothing but the cost of an internet connection and, since it’s Google, you can trust the information to be as up-to-date and correct as possible. You just can’t beat that – period.