Chicago’s Best Digital Marketing Agencies

Lift Conversions, a Google Partner and Bing-Accredited agency, has been recognized by Expertise as one of the Top 19 Digital Marketing Agencies in Chicago out of 681 candidates – including the Loop powerhouses.

This selection by Expertise is an honor – unlooked for, surely, but appreciated – that we wanted to share with our clients and friends across the nation. After all, we only deserve recognition if we’re meeting your digital marketing needs, and, if this award is any indication, it’s clear we’re doing a pretty decent job of it.

Thank you to all who played such an enormous part in Lift Conversions’ continued success! See the list here

We, as a Google Partner and Bing-Accredited – not to mention Yelp! Ads-Certified – agency, love to hear that our clients have referred us to someone they know or work with. It’s what makes our agency work, after all, we have a nearly 90% referral rate. So, we’re always thrilled when we get a call or email that originated with someone thinking highly enough of our work and philosophy to recommend us to their associates, but, and this has been a new experience for us, we were totally unprepared to be notified of our selection as one of *Chicago’s Best Digital Marketing Agencies* by Expertise. In fact, this is the second award we’ve won in the last few months for outstanding service and dedication to our client list.

First, we want to say how proud we are that others have recognized us for our hard work on behalf of our clients. It’s been quite a different experience for us, to say the least, since we’re accustomed to playing our part behind-the-scenes. We always place our clients out-front and everything we do, from simple management to complex planning, is done with their best interests firmly in the front of our minds. That’s why it was so unexpected to find we’d been selected for recognition – we’ve never sought it.

Obviously, some of our clients feel strongly enough about our services that they went out of their way to nominate us for recognition, and we couldn’t be more humble and appreciative. In life, there are few things to rival being selected from so many to stand amongst so few, and Lift Conversions will strive to earn that lofty place for as long as our clients allow us.