Call Tracking Process

Call Tracking Process | Track Everything – Record Calls – Dynamic Number Insertion – Agency Tracking – Instant Numbers – No Contracts

We believe in covering all the bases and having a phone tracking system that allows you to fine tune your inbound efforts is critical to online success. We here at Lift Conversions believe this is a mandatory step in true account management. Call tracking is a technology which enables the pay per call business model, allowing the tracking of phone calls to be associated with performance-based advertising, and supplying additional analytic information about the phone calls.

Call tracking may record:

  • What number has called
  • The geographical location of a caller, if available
  • The time distribution of incoming calls
  • Recording of the phone call

This information can be used to generate reports such as, amongst others:

  • Caller names and addresses (if a database relating numbers to names and addresses is available)
    • Postal code summary
  • Missed calls
  • Call summaries (e.g., hourly, daily)
  • Details of repeat and unique callers
  • Analysis of frequency of calls by city and area code, if available

An application of call tracking is to monitor the effectiveness of advertising campaigns by comparing tracking reports before and after.

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