Blog Post Packages

There are so many interesting topics to write about in the world of business today. From debunking common myths to explaining “how-to”, from detailing specific services to outlining best practices – a writer could go on and on! Do you wish you had the time to put all of the wonderful things you know about your industry on paper? Do you want to better educate your site’s visitors? And give them a reason to come back to your site every week or month to learn more?

Well, the talented team at Lift Conversions has the perfect plan for you. We are offering two incredible blog deals for our new and existing clients. Take a look at what you’ll get below:

Package #1: (1) One 1,500 word blog post on a client-specified topic each month including links and imagery $100 ($500 for 6 months – you save $100!)

Package #2: (4) Four 1,500 word blog posts on a client-specified topic each month with links and imagery $250 (You save $150 – OR – you can choose $1,300 for 6 months! That’s 24 blog posts and you save $300!)

There is literally nothing more effective you can do to bring traffic to your site, outside of a complete overhaul costing thousands of dollars, than adding well-written, targeted blog posts. Visitors (not to mention Google, Bing, etc.) love good content, so contact Lift Conversions today to start educating and entertaining your site’s visitors!