Bing Certifications At Lift Conversions

We have Bing Insiders on staff and understand the importance of their 20% market share to our clients’ success. We’re Bing-accredited professionals!
Bing Ads can be powerful for the right clients. Let us explain how we envision including it in your search marketing efforts.
  • Bing offers an audience unlike any other! While they don’t offer Google’s volume, there’s potential to be found in Bing Ads – especially in lower costs!
  • Diversify your search marketing efforts by moving some of your ad spend over. It’s a decision our Bing-accredited experts can implement right away!

Our Team Members

Our team continually strives to better their performance – every client, every day.

Founder, Principal Strategist


VP Client Services


Strategist, SEO Specialist


Digital Marketing Agency

Interested In Bing Ads?

Our certified experts can get you started on Bing’s path to success!

Accredited Professionals

Lift Conversions has three (3) Bing-accredited experts on staff to handle all of your Bing-related advertising. We’re Bing Insiders!
Demonstrated Proficiency
As Bing-accredited professionals, we’ve passed the comprehensive Bing Ads Accreditation Exam with flying colors!
Better Bing Management
Everyone involved in your managing your Bing Ads account has the knowledge and certified expertise you require.
Advanced Optimizations
Being accredited by Bing means we’re up-to-date on all the latest optimizations aimed at bettering your Bing Ads performance.
Certified Experience
Our Bing-accredited team members have carried their certification for years, so they understand what’s best for your effort.