AdWords Account Audits


We audit AdWords accounts for small and medium agencies. We will go through everything in your accounts and provide detailed analysis of immediate and long term changes that can make an impact and save your customers money. We only charge if we make a difference, so satisfaction is guaranteed. Once the reviews have been made we can meet for a more detailed plan of your account audits whether you work with us monthly, quarterly or yearly. We are experts and and here to help. Each case is unique so Contact US Today to learn more. (NDA’s Signed) Contact Us Now | 773-419-3636

We are Trusted Digital Media Advisors. In the digital age of business it can be difficult for companies to reach their full potential. Where to put those all-important account management dollars can present a challenge to those without the knowledge of, and expertise in, the digital media required. These obstacles to growth and increased cost can seem daunting; however, Lift Conversions is here to provide a path to your company’s success. Our agency specializes in all aspects of Internet Marketing.

Certifications shows the number of employees who are certified in AdWords, Lift Conversions has 3 in Search, Display & Video. Best Practices measures the overall AdWords performance and customer care we provide to our clients. Spend shows your company’s AdWords spend activity over the last 90 days. All of these are qualifications on becoming a Google partner. Are working with a Google Partner? Today is a great day to start.

AdWords Account Audits: 

  • Search Advertising
  • Google Shopping
  • Mobile Advertising
  • Display Advertising
  • Video Advertising
  • Google Analytics

Dedicated Support: We believe in supplying quick answers to any questions you may have, Support Contact